Which Way To Put A Chain On A Chainsaw: Know The Right Way!

Put A Chain On A Chainsaw

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On a chainsaw, which way does the chain go? How can I do it? These queries may cross your mind if you are new to chainsaws and have previously failed to secure a chain to a chainsaw.

If you follow the instructions, using a chainsaw isn’t as tough as it might seem.

These tools need a lot of upkeep and care. Any slight mistake, particularly the chainsaw blade direction, can ultimately result in a serious accident that harms the user or the environment. In addition to failing to cut the required material, the chainsaw blade may also cut something else by moving in the wrong direction.

So, let’s read the complete article to discover which way to put a chain on a chainsaw.

How to Put a Chain on a Chainsaw – 6 Steps to Follow

In your first experience using chainsaws, you may have difficulty understanding the chain part. So, follow the guidelines below to get to know your chain saw well.

Step 1: Remove the Chainsaw Sprocket Cover

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A chainsaw toolbox called a Scrench pleased at the end of chainsaws. The name of this T-shaped instrument is a portmanteau made up of a flathead screwdriver on one end and two wrenches on the other.

Using two different sizes of wrenches, you can remove the spark plug of the saw and the two nuts keeping the casing in place.

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To take the casing off, take the following step:

  • First, turn off the thermal chainsaw’s spark plug connector.
  • Loosen the two nuts and remove both.
  • Using the two fastening bolts, set the housing aside.

Step 2: Remove the Chainsaw from the Chain Tensioner

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Ok, now you are at the next step. Do as mentioned. For the best chance of preventing hand injuries, always wear safety gloves.

  • Use a screwdriver to unwind it
  • Check to see if the chain tensioner has moved back
  • Turn the chain spool counterclockwise, and unscrew the cover
  • To accomplish this, turn the wing nut
  • Then, rotate the chain tensioner wheel to the end, which is situated at the bar’s level
  • Place the chain and guide rail on top of each other

Ok, you are done with this part.

Step 3: Remove the Chain

Image: YouTube.com

Now the task is straightforward. Just carefully remove the chain. Essentially, you will need to pull up the bar and chain it together from the chainsaw body after some wiggling.

Step 4: Find the Direction of the Blade

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This is the critical part where you need to make sure the blades are working in the right direction when mounting your chain. Be sure the drive links’ pointed ends, which you’ll insert into the groove of the bar, and the cutters, when they are above the bar, face the same way. Once more, the chain won’t cut if you put it on backward. There won’t be much cutting—only a lot of smoke—because the motor will move the chain, eroding the wood with metal-on-wood action.

Step 5: Put the Chain and Tighten

Image: YouTube.com

Now we are going to put the chain back together. Put your chain on the teeth facing forward because the chain rolls clockwise. It has to be the rotation of the chainsaw.

The bar should be raised on its butt end with its tip in the air. Make sure the drive links are seated in the groove by wrapping the chain around the end of the bar. Place the links in the notch that runs along the top and bottom of the bar. If you pull down the chain and apply stress to prevent the drive links from coming out again, you could find it simpler to hold it in place.

Step 6: Adjust the Tension

Image: YouTube.com

Now you are done putting everything back together. So, you just need to adjust the chain tension. As you tighten the chain where it is dangling, it will begin to rise. It’s time to use the Scrench to fully seat the nuts in place once you’ve applied enough tension to keep the drive links seated, but not too much that it stresses the engine.

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Is there a wrong way to put on a chainsaw blade?

Yes, it is possible to put a chainsaw chain in the wrong way. If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to put a chain backward if you don’t recognize that chains have forward and backward directions.

What could happen if I put the chain to the chain saw incorrectly?

In order to cut effectively, the chainsaw chain must follow a specific path when placed backward, as it has a design path to follow. Because the chain’s cutter blades only operate in one direction, cutting will be difficult if your chain is facing the wrong way.

How could‌ I know if my chainsaw chain is in the wrong way?

It is likely that you have not put the chain on your chain saw correctly when you notice your saw is not running. When the saw isn’t running, you can look at the cutters. It is important to slant the cutters upward from the back to the front of the bar. A backward chain means that the cutters are angled downward to the front of the saw.

Final Tips

Do you still have trouble using your chainsaw to attach the chain after reading the entire article? Once you get used to it, you’ll be proficient and won’t need the help of a professional repairman anymore. You don’t even need mechanical or technical skills to operate it.

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