Where Are Laguna Table Saws Made? (Know it All!)

A Laguna Table Saw

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More or less, all professional woodworkers are familiar with Laguna tools.

Laguna is one of the many companies that produce table saws in many shapes and sizes. For more than 30 years, Laguna has manufactured highly-rated table saws.

Most woodworkers likely use Laguna tools, but many have no idea where they are actually made. 

Let’s examine the origins of the Laguna tools you employ through this post.

The Origin of Laguna Table Saws

At first, Laguna tools were made in California, but the current ones you may hold today were made in Texas. As a result, Laguna relocated their new production facility and showroom to Grand Prairie, Texas, in 2020.

Its California facility could no longer accommodate its growth; hence it had to move. In addition, a lack of industrial space made it impossible to expand in the city. 

Although the manufacturing site is in Texas, Laguna still has a facility in California. The company’s team relocated to Huntington Beach to a new location with a sizable showroom for their West Coast clients.

For its customers on the East Coast, Laguna also maintains a distribution and training facility in Columbia, South Carolina. Although the company’s headquarters are in Texas, nothing on the website states explicitly where Laguna tools are manufactured.

What Are the Other Laguna Tools Products Made?

A Table Saw / Source

As we previously said, Texas is now home to the Laguna production. As of now, the company manufactures table saws in that city. Some reports said today’s many Laguna tools are manufactured in Europe and China. The promotional materials state that it is a European-style machine. In this way, you get the impression that Laguna equipment is also made in Europe.

Though many think it’s just a marketing ploy, this could signify that the machines have a European design. Because they only mention their Texas manufacturing plant on their website. Likely, some of its instruments are produced abroad.

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Who Owns Laguna Tools?

Ok, now it is one of the questionable facts about the company; who is the owner of Laguna Tools? On its website, there is only information that it was established in 1983 in Laguna Beach, California, and Torben Helshoj is the website’s founder. 

According to his website, he founded Laguna Tools because his custom woodworking business urgently needed reliable, accurate, and secure woodworking equipment. However, there is no confirmation that he still holds the company’s founder title.

Based on the most recent information, the New York-based private equity company Hudson Ferry Capital purchased Laguna Tools in 2016. Hudson Ferry Capital appears to be a partner of Laguna Tools on some websites.


According to our study, now that you know where Laguna table saws are made, the most likely option is Texas, where their production factory is located.

On the other hand, some tools were probably made in China or Europe. Whatever the case, Laguna table saws are some of the best available.

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