Where Are Fiskars Axes Made [History & Unknown Facts]

Where Are Fiskars Axes Made

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If you’re searching for an axe, you must have stumbled upon Fiskars by now. It’s one of the leading companies when it comes to tools like axes, scissors, gardening tools, etc. However, many people are confused about where Fiskars axes are made.

There are controversies about the production location of the Fiskars axe. I’ll try to give you all the information you need about the brand before you can get yourself a perfect axe.

Where are Fiskars Axes Made – Here’s the Details

Fiskars is an original Finnish company based in Helsinki. This means Fiskars axes are made in Finland. However, some people mistake the company to be Swedish, whereas others think some products are manufactured in China.

There is some truth to the latter assumption. Some of the Fiskars products are made in China. However, most of them, including all axes, are made in Finland. Let’s learn a few more facts about the company.


Fiskars started more than three hundred years ago. It was founded in 1649 when Finland was still under Swedish rule. Since then, they’ve expanded their business to a leading position. Fiskars improved their products with time and introduced new products continuously.

Product Range

In the beginning, this company only made products relating to gardening and agricultural tools. Nowadays, they’re offering various products that include high-quality axes, scissors, gardening tools, crafting tools, and much more.

The variety you will find within these categories is unbelievable. The brand offers scissors of different kinds, including craft scissors, left-handed scissors, fabric scissors, hair and nail scissors, paper scissors, etc. As for gardening tools, you will find rakes, axes, pruners, hedge shears, etc.

Mentionable Axes

If you’re searching for axes that serve specific purposes, take a look at the examples below.

Fiskars Norden N10

Norden N10

This Fiskars Nordic axe is perfect if you want to swing your axe single-handedly. It’s a combination of well-balanced weight distribution, perfect sharpness, and ergonomic shape.

Fiskars Norden Splitting Axe N12

Norden N12

One of the most popular axes from Fiskars is Norden splitting axe. It’s perfect if you cut a lot of small logs. The unbreakable shaft, along with perfect weight distribution, will surely make your wood-cutting experience better than ever.

Norden Chopping Axe N7

Norden Axe N7

If you want a hatchet for kindling, limbing, or chopping, there can’t be a better choice than the Norden N7 axe. Like most other axes from Fiskars, this one is also well-balanced, affordable, and durable compared to traditional axes.

Regardless of all the benefits Fiskars axes come with, some people still prefer traditional axes. And in their opinion, Fiskars may work well in the woods, but it’s not an heirloom material. So if you want to collect an axe and showcase it on your wall, Fiskars is not the brand you should be looking into.

Contrary to this opinion, some people will always prefer Fiskars because they’re more functional and come at an affordable price range. So, unless you’re a collector and want your axe to be vintage, you can get the most practical offer from Fiskars.  

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Fiskars

  • Fiskars is more than 370 years old, and it’s the oldest privately-owned Finnish company.
  • The brand’s most iconic product that lasts almost forever is the classic orange scissors.
  • Other renowned brands like Royal Doulton, Gerber, and Royal Albert are owned by Fiskars.
  • All axes from Fiskars are forged in Finland.

Fiskars Axe Features

Multiple reasons contribute to Fiskars’s popularity when it comes to axes. I’ll be sharing a few features that you don’t normally see in an axe.

  • An anti-shock grip with a 3D structure is surely something you don’t come by very often.
  • The weight is distributed with perfect balance so that you can feel comfortable while swinging the axe.
  • Fiskars axes offer Fibercomp handles that are stronger than carbon steel.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing.
  • Various types of axes are available for specific purposes.
  • Anti-friction coating on high-quality steel.
  • Unlike traditional axes, Fiskars axes don’t come with a wedge, which makes them sturdier.
  • The larger axes are suitable for tall people.

On the downside, if you want an axe with great traditional looks, Fiskars is not the brand to go with. They’re more functional and cheaper compared to traditional axes, but you can’t hang them as collectibles.


Where are Fiskars axes made?

If you have heard about Fiskars made in Finland, that’s entirely accurate. At least for the axes anyway. There are some products that Fiskars produce outside the country. However, all the axes are forged inside Finland.

How to sharpen a Fiskars axe?

Fiskars offers an affordable pull-through sharpener that you can use to sharpen the axe blade. The unit is not only fairly priced but also requires minimum effort to make your axe sharp again.

Is Fiskars a good brand?

Fiskars has been in the industry for over three hundred years. That says a lot about a brand. However, there have been complaints about the quality of the brands owned by Fiskars being compromised lately. To keep up with the growing market, the brand outsourced its product line, which allegedly caused a drop in quality.

Final Verdict

Even though there has been debate about where are Fiskars axes made, you can rest assured that they’re made in Finland. Some tools from Fiskars are rumored to be manufactured in China. So, if you want to be certain where the product is made, you can always check the label.

Also, make sure that the product explicitly says ‘made in Finland.’ Some products may come with misguided advertisements. So, ensure to check the label before getting your desired axe.

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