What To Wear Axe Throwing [5 Unwritten Guidelines]

What To Wear Axe Throwing

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Going for an axe or hatchet throwing game for the first time and deciding what to wear axe throwing can be a confusing process. You have no experience with how the game works, and what if you end up choosing the wrong attire?

Well, worry not, as this article will help you find all the answers!

What To Wear At An Axe Throwing Game?

Since this game is technically a sport, is there a special axe-throwing gear? Would you need specific uniforms like a paintball shoot? The answer is fortunately no! 

You do not need a specific kind of costume to participate in hatchet-throwing games. To be honest, you could wear whatever you want! But it is true that some specific kind of styling might give you the upper hand. 

Hence, below we have listed down some unwritten guidelines you can follow while choosing how to dress to go throw hatchets. Following them, you can enjoy the sport to the fullest!

1. A Comfortable Top

Axe Throwing Top

The most crucial key to comfortably throwing a hatchet is choosing the right top/shirt to wear. Since you have to lift your hands well over your head up in the air, comfortable and loose axe-throwing shirts are a must. You don’t want an outfit so tight that it doesn’t let you lift your hands, or chances are it’ll rip apart.

Irrespective of gender, a t-shirt is the best outfit to wear while throwing a hatchet. They’re loose, stretchy, and let a person comfortably move around without any restrictions. 

On the other hand, if you want to wear a shirt, make sure you choose one that’s not too tight. The shirt should be fitting but large enough so that you can move your hands freely.

For ladies, axe throwing in a dress might get awkward if it restricts you from moving around freely. In this game, you’ll require a lot of hands and legs to move. So, choose an outfit that lets you be yourself. 

You don’t have to constantly check to see if the dress is all in place. And since it’s a thrilling game, players often get too excited celebrating!

If you’re looking for a cute axe-throwing outfit, shirts with cute prints can be a great choice. Moreover, since this game gives you the liberty to wear anything you want, you can always choose an outfit that’s cute or chic as long as it’s comfortable enough.

Furthermore, the game of throwing hatchets is a very popular choice to go on dates. If you’re confused about your axe-throwing date outfit, keep in mind that there are no restrictions here on what to wear. Just make sure you’re choosing something that’s not restricting and pull off any gorgeous look you want! Matching shirts could be pretty cute as well.

All in all, practice overthrows in your shirt/blouse first before finalizing your outfit. That way, you can be confident with your throwing before the game starts.

2. Axe-Throwing Shoes

Axe Throwing Shoes

Although there are no restrictions on what you can wear at a game of hatchet throw, one unspoken rule is a must to follow. In some venues, this is actually a mandatory rule; and that is you must wear closed-toe shoes! 

The logic behind the rule is pretty simple. In a hatchet-throwing match, the hatchet can slip out of your hands and fall on your feet. This accident can be very dangerous as the tools have sharp blades, and if they fall on your feet, you will require immediate medical care.

Moreover, sometimes wood chips fall off the target when a hatchet hits it. Since the chips come at high speed, if they fall on your feet, it’ll hurt. So, it is essential to wear shoes that cover your feet during the game.

Besides, avoid heels or high boots as playing a sport in these shoes can be uncomfortable. Closed flats and sneakers are the best options for footwear in a hatchet-throwing game. 

3. Pants

Image Credit: theprojectbreak / Instagram

You could wear any kind of pants you want in a hatchet-throwing match. Shorts, jeans, long pants, or skirts, it’s all good! But we would still recommend wearing legwear that covers your legs just to be safe because you never know what kind of accident can happen with the tool.

Nonetheless, the most important rule for pants is to wear whatever keeps you at ease!

4. Hair Ties

Hair is something many people ignore while going to hatchet throws. Imagine you’re concentrating on throwing the hatchet, but your hair keeps coming on your face?! Or what if your hair covers your eyes when you’re about to throw the weapon? The whole game would be ruined!

That’s why always make sure your hair is tightly tied when throwing a hatchet. Use tight scrunchies or hair bands. That way, you can fully concentrate on the target with nothing bothering you!

5. Accessories

Unnecessary accessories can be bothersome if you’re trying to focus on something. The noise can distract you a lot! Or if it’s something like a stole, your hands will always be busy. So, it’s better to keep these factors in mind.


What kind of hatchets are used in a hatchet-throwing game?

In this game, hatchets with very sharp blade are used as it needs to cut through the target coming from a distance. If a blunt tool is used, it will not stick to the target, which can hinder the game. Moreover, hatchets with very balanced weights throughout are used for smooth swinging.

Small hatchets are the most common ones used for the game as they’re light and easy to throw. Beginners have a good grasp of it and can practice without getting tired.

What is the distance to target a hatchet?

Each league of hatchet targeting has different rules regarding the throwing distance and hatchet type. But most commonly, the throwing distance should be approximately 12 feet so that the weapon rotates only once and strikes the target most efficiently.

How to axe throw?

This game has many levels of difficulty. But for beginners’ level, it isn’t a challenging game. Like darts, the game will have a wooden board in front of you with targets marked. You have to throw the hatchet toward the targets, and points are counted depending on where your target hits.

Why has axe thrown become popular?

It is because this game is quick, competitive, and thrilling! You can play it alone, with your partner, or with friends.

Final Verdict

Hatchet targeting is one of the very few games that allow you to dress as you like. You can be both stylish and at ease with your clothes while playing this game. With this article, we hope you now know what to wear for axe throwing.

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