What Is A Michigan Axe?

What Is A Michigan Axe

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A Michigan axe is a type of Felling axe. Mainly, these tools are used to chop large pieces of wood. They weigh about three pounds and always have a long handle. However, there are many kinds of felling axes, and they each have distinctive features. So, what is a Michigan axe? Read more below to find out!

What is Michigan Axe Used for?

All felling axes are named after the states/area they come from. Likewise, it must be easy to understand that Michigan axes originate mainly from Michigan. These types of axe were designed to cater to White Pine and some other kind of lumbers — all specifically popular in the state of Michigan.

A Michigan pattern axe is suitable for cutting through large and frozen trees. Its specialty is that it has a curved head, which is a standout in a pool of straight and sharp-edged axes. Moreover, the design of this axe helps bite into the log deeper and avoid any chipping.

When it comes to a Jersey axe, it can be of multipurpose as their poll can also act as a hammer. But with a Michigan axe, you cannot do that as both its back and front are slightly curved. This feature also makes the poll heavier and puts more force into the lumber.

However, if you want to use a Michigan axe for splitting wood, you might want to rethink because the usage of these two kinds of axes is different. Splitting a piece of wood requires vertical swings. But a Michigan axe is designed primarily to make cuts sideways as it is a felling axe.

More so, splitting wood requires much heavier heads in an axe than a felling axe, so your bites will not be as strong. Splitting axes cut along the grain of the wood. But for felling, you’ll require an axe that cuts against the grain.


What is a Hewing axe?

Lumbermen and carpenters generally use a hewing axe for stowage and rafting purposes in vessels. They also cut planks smoothly with the axe as it cuts straight through the wood without chipping or bumps.

Michigan axe vs. splitting axe, which one is better?

Both axes are used to cut through wood, but which one to use depends on your purpose. A Michigan axe will be your best option if you’re felling timber. However, you’re splitting or cutting the wood vertically, use a splitting axe.

What is the difference between a felling hatchet and a splitting hatchet?

A felling axe cuts along with the wood grains, and a splitting axe separates those grains.

What kind of hatchet do I need to cut down a tree?

A felling axe is the best to use to cut down trees or logs. Their sharp edges bite into the wood stronger.

Final Verdict

A Michigan axe can put all your worries in a box if you cut through heavy lumbers of wood. Now, if you were confused about what is a Michigan axe, we hope we could give you the answers!

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