What Is A Fireman’s Axe Called: The Real Name

What Is A Fireman's Axe Called

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Firemen always carry a bright red tool that they break doors and windows with. They always carry this tool with them, and for anything that needs a little bit of picking, this tool comes to the rescue! Have you ever wondered what a fireman’s ax is called? Do you want to know how the tool works? Then this article is for you!

What is a Fireman’s Axe Called – Everything You Know?

A fireman has no time to do things slowly. They always have to be on top of their feet, ready to save us in an emergency. When stuck in a closed room with smoke all around, you’ll suffocate if an opening isn’t created to let the air out.

In moments like these, firefighters use their hatchet to make holes in the roof and circulate ventilation. They also use the tool to break windows or doors when blocked entry.

Although we often see firefighters carrying a particular bright color hatchet, it is not widely known what that thing is actually called. Well, you’ll be surprised to know that a fireman’s hatchet has many names! Firstly, its scholarly name is Pulaski, named after its inventor Ed Pulaski who invented this tool in 1911.

Pulaski had invented firefighter axes when he felt the need for a lightweight tool to dig up the soil as a forest worker. The same tool is used for various firefighting needs and even camping! Also known as a fireman’s pickaxe, this tool can come in two designs: spike-headed and flat-headed.

The flat-headed tools serve only the striking purpose. However, a spike head functions as the best firefighter axe due to its multi-purpose use. You can use the sharp head to open caps, dig a hole, or even to needle! Therefore, as a firefighter, getting a spike head is better.

For personal fire axe usagea flat-headed hatchet works well since no rough work is required.


Where can I buy the best firefighter axe?

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Why is it called a fire axe?

Due to the tool being very different from a regular hatchet that is heavily used, it has a separate name of a fire axe. These tools are lighter in weight and made for fair use.

Why is a Fireman hatchet always bright in color?

They are always bright colored (generally red) so that they can be easily identified from afar.

How sharp should a fire hatchet be?

They should always be moderately sharp, but never too much, so that their shape doesn’t change when you resharpen it.

Final Verdict

A fireman’s hatchet is an extremely useful tool that saves lives. They are a tool that helps our firefighters be the superhero they are and work diligently. If you wanted to know more about this tool and wondered what is a fireman’s axe called, we hope this article answered your questions!

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