What Is A Claw Hammer And Its Uses: Know It All!

Some claw hammers

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Multiple usabilities of the claw hammers make it. Invented by the ancient Romans, the claw hammer became an indispensable tool for carpentering, construction site use, blacksmithing, automotive mechanics, home odds and ends work, and many other applications.

The claw hammer got its name because of the shape of its top head that comes down like a claw. It is designed to kick nails in and lever them out if they are not required. The use of claw hammers is also more vast than other hammers.

Likely, this article will be fascinating for you because we will talk about claw hammers and their various uses.

Uses of a Claw Hammer and Its Types

You can only understand the use of a claw hammer better when you know about its different types and their different benefits. There are two types of claw hammers. Let us inform you about the difference in structure and use of these two types of claw hammers.

1. Carved Claw Hammer

This standard carved claw hammer has a more pronounced curve to it. Some fold down even more drastically than other hammers and look nothing short of stabby. A carved claw hammer is suited for pulling out nails. The curved head creates a very smooth fulcrum with a lot of travel.

It is also gentle on the surface when trying to pry it open. So, it does not cause as much visible damage on the surface.

Uses of a Carved Claw Hammer

The carpenter’s most used tool is usually a claw hammer. So, let’s see some uses for the carved claw hammer.

  • Performing heavy-duty construction, such as framing and installing roofing and siding.
  • A carved claw hammer is the best tool for working on light construction projects, such as installing and removing doors, windows, and trim.
  • These hammers drive stakes in yards, hang pictures, build fences, and drive stakes for utility purposes.
  • Demolition.
  • It also works well for digging small holes in the soil and even uprooting weeds.

1. Framing Or Rip Claw Hammer

A framing hammer is a little bit clumsier at nail pulling. It usually levers off the top and the head that is your fulcrum when you try to pull out the nail. Therefore, it requires more pressure when trying to cause more damage to the surface. When you want to use it, nail pulling is just one function of this hammer. But there are many other functions to be considered for this hammer.

Uses of a Framing Hammer

A framing claw hammer is superior to anything related to demolition and construction sites. 

  • Its straight flat claw is like a pick. It has the perfect angle for demonstration. You can direct it into cracks and crevices in wooden things. 
  • You can also blast things apart with force or pry things apart with leverage. 
  • You can even use it like an ax to split lumber into pieces. 
  • The framing hammer tends to be heavier. It is more weight in the hammerhead creates more swinging force and punches a nail deeper.
  • With a rip claw, you can pull timber off walls very quickly.
  • A framing claw hammer also works well for digging holes in the ground.

Some Other Types of Hammers and Their Uses

Depending on their uses, hammers come in various sizes, shapes, and constructions.

There are as many different kinds of hammers as there are applications for them. The most popular hammers, both professionally and otherwise, are listed below.

Ball Peen Hammer and Its Uses

Metalworkers commonly use ball-pin hammers. A variety of sizes of ball-peen hammers are part of a proper metal worker’s kit. Several ball pein hammers include straight-pein, diagonal-pein, and cross-pein. This type of hammer is flat on one side for driving, shaped like a ball on the other, and used for peening and shaping metals. 

Peening, or shaping metal materials using hammers, was the original purpose of the ball peen hammer.

It is an essential tool for:

  • Rounding edges
  • Punching and riveting
  • Metalworking

Dead Blow Hammer and Its Uses

Special tools called “dead blow hammers” are used primarily to minimize damage to the striking surface and control the striking force with minimal rebound. For example, it would help if you had a heavyweight hammer as a dead blow hammer to demolish a wall of such a large size and made of concrete.

It is used for:

  • Automotive applications
  • Setting joints
  • Installing floorboards 

Double Claw Hammer and Its Uses

The Double Claw Hammer is unique in that it can pull a straight nail out of wood without bending it. Even years ago, people did not have much money to buy new pins, so they used to save nails for reuse. It is then necessary to apply a small notch under the nail head in the usual manner and pull the pin straight without bending it.


Every artisan needs a hammer as an essential tool and a component of every tool kit. You can also keep one of the claw hammers in your toolbox for various home repair jobs.

Hopefully, knowing about all the hammers, like the claw hammer, and their uses, you can now easily choose the proper claw hammer based on needs.

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