What Does Battle Axe Mean (Origins And Design)

What Does Battle Axe Mean

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If you’re into video games or history, you’ve seen a lot of different weapons throughout the ages. One of the more universal tools of warfare is the battle-ax.

There have been many uses of this weapon throughout different settings and even multiple variations. However, most people don’t really know what it means.

The question of “what does battle axe mean?” can only be answered if we look at the broader picture with a bit of history.


Looking at history, we can find that the first use of axes in warfare was in the Viking age. There were no established codes of warfare back then, so barbarians used whatever they could find to inflict damage.

In those times, one such weapon stood above the rest, and it was the battle-ax. It was sharp, heavy, and most of all, easy to swing around and inflict gruesome wounds. 

There were even variations of it, such as the throwing ax where barbarians could damage armored soldiers from a distance. 

Since there were so many variations, battle-ax synonyms like a halberd, tomahawk, pike, etc., popped up throughout history.

Fun fact, the old battle-axe meaning described woman who was much older and argumentative in their behavior.


The classic handheld ax that the Vikings used was of simple design. It featured a thick slab of metal that had a thick wooden handle going through it. 

The metal was exceptionally sharp; hence it cut through almost anything with great force. A throwing variation of the battle-ax featured a shorter frame and a lighter blade. Even if it was lightweight, it was still more than enough to inflict damage from an intermediate range.

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Final Verdict

Weapons of the past are a vehicle of wonder to the future. Battle-axes are no different from this phenomenon. 

We study them both to understand the greater history and gain a certain level of respect for the past.

I hope this introductory guide has helped you peer into the history of battle axes and answer the question of “what does battle axe mean?” in a broader sense of context.

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