What is a Ball Peen Hammer Used for?

A Ball Peen Hammer

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When coming across a ball-peen hammer, you may want to know how it is used. And in this article, we will focus on the ball peen hammer uses!

Ball-peen hammers are amazing tools when it comes to building anything. You can get into blacksmithing work, and this particular tool can be your go-to friend. Many people use it for various kinds of professional wooden and steel work.

Read this article to learn more about what exactly these ball-peen hammers are actually used for, and how you can utilize the tool.

What Do They Look Like

The history of a ball-peen hammer started in France. A metal worker first invented this tool while working in a metal shop. The hammerhead of this tool has two ends. One side of it has a flat end, and the other side has a round end. Because of this hemispherical peen, it has gotten the name “ball-peen hammer.”

If you observe the shape of its head, you can easily distinguish it from other types of hammers. There are three variants of ball-peen hammers you can find nowadays.

They are called diagonal-peen, cross-peen, and straight-peen. However, they all have one flat end, but the shape of the peen differs from the traditional ball-peen hammer.

At the beginning of your smithing career, you might not have a huge collection of tools. A ball-peen hammer can serve you as a primary forging hammer at that time and help you grow in your business. The flat surface is suited for most novice projects, as it works well with several methods.

Not only professionals but also beginners can pull off any heavy-duty job with the help of this amazing tool.

What Ball Peen Hammers Are Used for

Another name for a ball-peen hammer is a mechanist’s hammer. In all forms of conventional forging, a ball-peen hammer is a popular tool. The ball-shaped point of this hammer distinguishes it from others.

Blacksmiths mainly use it for blacksmithing jobs. Besides, it has some other uses as well. Here, we are going to share the uses of the ball-peen hammer. Check them out.

In Blacksmithing

Source: torbjornahman / instagram

The ball-peen hammer is extremely useful for blacksmithing jobs. The structure and shape of the hammer do all the magic. It hits with the perfect force to shape any metal. You can forge with the flat face of your ball peen hammer.

The hammer weight and your force will make sure that you get your desired shape. And if you want to spread the metal in a round shape, strike it with the other end of your ball peen hammer.

Forging Knife and Sword

Source: YouTube.com

A ball-peen hammer is a perfect choice for making knives and armor. The round peen on the hammer makes the edges sharp and flattens the metal into the right shape.

Our ancestors have been using this tool in the making of swords and knives since the beginning of the Iron Age. And no matter how modern equipment is growing, professionals still choose this hammer for handcrafted metal armor.

Metal Fabrication

Source: Daniel Wiadro / Unsplash

Although the industry of metal fabrication has become automated, the basics of work are still done by human forces. And to do so, the ball-peen hammer is the tool to go with. From shaping a metal sheet or flattening the surface, you can do it all with a ball-peen hammer.

For Dent Removal

A dent in the metal is a common phenomenon that you may encounter. And to remove dents, a ball-peen hammer is a great tool.

When you flatten the dent areas with your ball-peen hammer, the metal develops strain-hardening properties. The ball end of this hammer should be used to repair any dent in the metal.

In Riveting Job

Using a ball-peen hammer for riveting is quite common. Because the metal on the hammer head is hard and strong, it can deliver precise force to the rivet and secure it in place. The flat side of the hammer is used for securing the rivet, and then you can smooth the surface with the ball end.

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How to Use Ball-Peen Hammers for Different Cases

Now, check out how you can use them for different scenarios. This section of the article demonstrates the use of a ball-peen hammer to produce a satisfying outcome.

Ring Making with a Ball-Peen Hammer

Source: YouTube.com

You can make a white gold ring or any ring. You can use this procedure to use a ball-peen hammer successfully.

  • Measure and cut white gold to a workable size to begin.
  • Measure the silver strip for the ring size you want, measure the metal, and cut it to the proper length.
  • By filing it down, you eliminate any rough edges from the silver.
  • To make a ring, pound the silver strips around with a mandrel and make a uniform connection.
  • Use pliers to close the ring’s seam. Use your chosen soldering method or solder the ring seam.
  • Grind the ring’s surface to a lustrous sheen.
  • Using a ball-peen hammer, add roughness to the ring’s surface by placing it on a mandrel.

A Scoop Made of Hammered Copper

Source: YouTube.com
  • Begin with a little circular piece of copper for this coppersmithing craft. You may choose the size of your ice cream scoop.
  • On a hollow surface, pound the piece.
  • A scooped form will result from this.
  • To even out the uneven texture of that scooped area, you can use the ball-peen hammer.
  • To produce an equal, spherical shape, carefully work around that scoop.

Other Things to Know About Ball-Peen Hammer

Ball-peen hammers are generally inexpensive and simple to come by. This hammer is pretty popular as a tool, and you can find it at every flea market and thrift store. If you’re ready to spend more on exceptional ball-peen hammers, then surf online or go to specialty stores.

Ball-peen hammers come in a variety of sizes and dimensions, ranging from approximately eight ounces to three pounds. If you’re going to use a ball-peen hammer as your primary tool, make sure it’s a big one.

A ball-peen hammer is not required in every workplace, but it is most useful when dispersing and repairing metal.

A ball-peen hammer could be a smart purchase if you anticipate doing this sort of job frequently. Especially since ball-peen hammers are not hard to find, and neither are they costly.

As a ball-peen hammer is made of steel, which is a hard metal, it might leave marks while smashing any metal with heavy force.

Final Tips

Using a traditional tool is always fun, and a ball-peen hammer is something that every mechanist will appreciate using. We have tried to describe what ball peen hammers are used for and how you can make something with them.

Keeping a ball-peen hammer at home can always come in handy. You never know in which situation you may get into and need a ball-peen hammer. Besides, developing a new skill can be a great way to relax. So, learn how to use a ball-peen hammer and make something exciting.

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