Splitting Axe Vs. Chopping Axe [What’s The Difference]

Splitting Axe Vs Chopping Axe

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The legacy of the ax has taken numerous forms. People are increasingly drawn to digitalization, yet there was a period when the ax was an integral part of their daily routine.

It was 1.5 million years ago when the ax was invented. Axes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Two of the most common axes are the chopping and splitting axes.

Let’s see who prevails in the axes combat between splitting ax vs. chopping ax.

What is an Axe?

This tool is composed of two components: a head and a haft/handle.

The main element that makes the blade is steel, and the haft is usually wooden. Though in recent times, people like synthetic handles as well.

Now let’s have a closer look at the parts.

There are a few segments on the head that have distinct roles.

The components are as follows –

  1. Blade -The blade is on the front that slices through any item.
  2. Poll/Butt – The poll is on the opposite part of the blade.
  3. Heel – Heel refers to the blade’s lowest corner.
  4. Toe – The top corner of the blade is called the toe.
  5. Cheek – The cheek is the area in the middle of both sides of the head.
  6. Eye – The hole on the head is called the eye. This is the location where the haft is attached.
  7. Beard – The beard is the portion of the blade that extends underneath the ax-head.

Let’s look at the haft’s bits now –

  1. Shoulder – The shoulder is the point at which the head hooks to the haft.
  2. Belly – The longest section of the haft is the belly.
  3. Throat – The curvy edge is called the throat.
  4. Grip – It comes just after the throat
  5. Knob – And the end of the haft is called the knob.

Let’s look deeper and check more about an axe’s design.


When it comes to picking an ax, size is crucial. 36 inches is the ideal length for a superb splitting ax. However, it can be anything between 28 and 36 inches long. People of various heights require different-sized axes.

For example, a 32-inch long ax will produce the best result for a six-foot-tall person. Maintaining a nice balance between force and precision will be easy for them.


The weight of an axe is also an important consideration in its construction. Because every ax is made of steel and wood, the blade is usually hefty. As a result, an ax’s maximum weight is usually around 8 pounds. However, a weight of 3-6 pounds is optimal for regular users.


Because most of the work is done by using kinetic energy by raising the ax up, the handle of a chopping ax is usually straight. The handle of a felling ax, on the other hand, has a little curvature for good traction while slashing a tree.

Now, we can focus on individuals because we recognize how such an ax appears.

What is a Splitting Axe

A certain axe is required to make the proper cut on a wood log. If you want to chop the wood log without the ax losing the grain, use a splitting ax.

The splitting ax is known for cutting a vertically positioned log with a single downswing of an ax. The sharp blade penetrates deeper and scatters wood more effectively.

With grains in the cuts, the splitting ax divides the timber into the perfect shape. Split logs are most commonly used in campfires. Even for beginners, a splitting ax can be a useful tool for getting started with wood splitting.

Splitting a perfect cut requires technique and strength. And when you have zero experience in woodcutting or splitting logs, a sharp and efficient tool is all you need to get the job done.

The splitting ax is considered the best tool and gives the best results while wood splitting. When choosing an ax, you must consider the best quality and also keep a few things in mind like – your ax should give you fewer hand spasms.

What is a Chopping Axe

A chopping ax is used mostly for chopping logs into small pieces. A Chopping ax doesn’t chop with the grain like a splitting axe but rather chops the grain into pieces. It doesn’t cut the wood into deeper sections.

Striking horizontal logs into pieces with multiple sharp, downward strokes of an ax is known as “chopping wood.” Chopping axes are meant to cut rather than break wood fibers.

When chopping, these ax blades may bite three times deeper. This allows the blade to dig deeper into the wood with each swing, making it much easier to bite into more wood in a short time.

Wood chopping is a fascinating sport to participate in. This sport has been around for a long time, and getting the best results requires using the right tool for the job. When it comes to the best chopping axes, the Fiskers chopping axe is currently one of our favorites.

Anyone of any height can use this instrument to cut wood. Many people are apprehensive about using a chopping ax because of its weight and height, yet this tool will prove to be invaluable.

Difference Between Split and Chop Axe

In spite of having some similarities, there are many differences between a splitting ax and a chopping ax. The main differentiating factors are –

  • Blade
  • Grip
  • Handle
  • Length

Let’s talk about the blade first.

The fat cheek of the blade and a sharp wedge cutting edge is what make a splitting ax. However, in a chopping ax, the blade is pretty sleek and sharp compared to the splitting ax.

A chopping ax is designed for chopping wood into small pieces, so a sharp blade is needed for chopping. But in a splitting ax, it needs to penetrate more into the wood for a perfect split.

The chopping ax’s blade is longer than the splitting ax’s; the characters in both of them are so different from each other.

Because most of the work is done with kinetic energy by raising the ax, the handle of a chopping axe is usually straight. Therefore, in this sector, the splitting ax also uses a straight handle.

Both chopping and splitting wood require heavy force and a perfect downstroke. That is why the handle is a very important part of having the perfect grip.

In both circumstances, the length is different from the user’s height. So, choose one that is appropriate for your height.

Which One Should You Choose

Before you choose your ax, attempt to figure out what it will be used for. Many individuals believe that an ax can only be wielded by a humongous person, which is so not true.

You don’t have to use a big ax to inflict pain on your hands. But, for the perfect one for you, you must choose the ideal length and weight.

Now, if you want to go fire camping or have a fireplace that needs wood, the tool you must have is a splitting ax. And if splitting is not the issue and you don’t need a piece with grains, then a chopping ax is the one for you.

How to Do the Maintenances

If you want your axe to perform better, you must pay attention to its upkeep. As you may know, the blade is constructed of steel, and it requires special care to maintain its high quality.

If you don’t clean your blade, it will lose its temper. Clean your blade thoroughly after each usage to ensure no moisture or dirt is left on it. Water damages steel. If you leave your blade in a damp location, the metal will rust.

Despite the fact that many people use stainless steel to create ax blades, protective precautions need to be taken for durability. To avoid any mishaps, wrap the blade in a safety cover.

On the other hand, the handles are dependent on the material – the most common form being wood. However, fiberglass and plastic grips have recently gained popularity.

Make sure the handle isn’t oily in any situation. Before and after each use, thoroughly clean your handle. It will assist you in achieving the ideal grip for the finest strike.

There is some cleaning equipment available in-store for cleaning an ax. You can also avail them from a store.

Why Do You Need to Use an Axe

We don’t see many people utilizing an ax in this day and age of development. So, you might wonder, what good is keeping an ax in your house?

An ax is not a tool for splitting or chopping wood into pieces. You can also store it for your own safety. It’s never a waste of time to learn a new skill. Throwing an axe could be useful in any circumstances.

People also use it as a stress-relieving and exercise tool. In addition, it’s a fantastic way to get some cardio in. So, when it comes to wood chopping, you may have the best of both worlds. What could be better than a healthy mind and a fit body?

Why do one without the other when you can do both with a bonus?

And how can we not mention the sports that include the ax? Ax throwing and wood chopping are extremely nerve-wracking and interesting sports. These sports are popular around the world but are mostly seen in the US, Canada, Thailand, Europe, and Australia.


Final Verdict

The history of the ax is dated a long time back. To date, the debate about the splitting axe vs. chopping axe is a heated one. And it’s not uncommon for folks to ask this question.

We have attempted to provide you with all the relevant information, and we will leave it up to you to make your decision.

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