Small Forest Axe Vs. Wildlife Hatchet – What Are The Differences

Small Forest Axe VS Wildlife Hatchet

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Axes come in all shapes and sizes. However, in terms of forestry, the small forest ax and the wildlife hatchet are two of the most commonly preferred tools of choice.

However, there are some glaring differences between them. Due to the differences, people use them in different scenarios. 

Hence, we decided to make things easier for you by comparing the two axes and finally settling the small forest ax vs. wildlife hatchet debate.

Characteristics of a Small Forest Axe

Samll Forest Axe / @jorritiepema

Generally, people use forest axes to cut the finer grains of wood fibers. Compared to log-splitting, these axes can go through the fibers, resulting in a cleaner cut across the log.

You can even use these axes for other purposes like fishing, hunting, and hiking. Usually, small forest ax length is shortmaking them immensely portable and reusable for a lot of purposes.

The small forest ax head weight is evenly distributed along with the thin structure in terms of weight distribution.

One of the best forest axes is the gransfors bruks small forest axdue to having an excellent build quality.

Characteristics of a Wildlife Hatchet

Wildlife Hatchet / Image: cutitebushcraft

When you think of the traditional camping tool, the ax certainly is the first thing to come to your mind. However, wildlife hatchets are a bit bigger in size than forest axes because of their build.

Nonetheless, it is convenient to carry in your camping trips due to its lightweight stature. In addition, Log-splitting is a common activity when you go camping because you need solid chunks of wood to start a fire. 

One of the main differences between a wildlife hatchet and a forest axe is that the small forest ax handle is much thinner than a hatchet.


Can I use forest axes to make firewood?

Forest axes aren’t the best tools to make firewood since you can’t split the wood logs into firewood with them.

Small Forest Ax Vs. Scandinavian Forest Ax – What’s The Difference?

The small forest ax has a light build with nimble construction, while the Scandinavian Forest ax is equipped with more durable and robust wood.

What is the key difference between a forest ax and a hatchet?

In terms of purpose, forest axes are more suited to precision woodworking, while wildlife hatchets are the perfect tools for log-splitting.

My ax handle is broken, can I fix it?

Replacing the ax handle is an easy task since all you need to do is get another wooden handle of the same length and furnish it.

Final Verdict

Both the small forest ax and wildlife hatchets are fantastic tools, regardless of your expertise as an avid forester or a total beginner. 

They both have their own merits and demerits, which is why it is interesting to see the contrast between them.

Hopefully, my guide has helped you understand the debate of small forest axe vs. wildlife hatchet a bit better now!

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