8 Best Leather Axe Sheaths of 2023


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A bare axe head can be dangerous and may cause an unwanted accident. Besides, an axe sheath can be convenient if you want to protect your axe head and keep it in good condition for a long time.

And while carrying your axe, a sheath can make your job easier as you don’t need to worry about the bare axe head all the time. Many materials are used to create an axe sheath. However, leather is the best option to choose. Here, we are going to share the best leather axe sheath with you. Let’s get started.

Our top 3 picks:

Style N Craft Camper’s Axe Head Sheath

CRKT T-Hawk D2730-1 Axe Leather Sheath

Hide & Drink Axe Sheath – Model-d-627

Our Top 8 Best Leather Axe Sheaths

It might be a game-changer if you can find the best axe sheath for your axe. Check out our top 8 leather sheaths for axe heads and choose what suits you best. 

1. Style N Craft Camper’s Axe Head Sheath

Style N Craft Camper's Axe Head Sheath

This sheath is exactly what you need to keep your axe head safe and secure, whether it’s stowed in a toolbox or on the back of an ATV. It’s designed to hold your axe safely and securely while also keeping it close at hand.

This cover is made from heavy top-grain leather that can withstand all weather conditions. Because of that, your axe will stay sharp for a long time. And the color of the leather is natural that looks pretty good in the eyes.

Besides, the stitching on this axe cover is also very well made and will not break off easily, thanks to the nylon thread. You, therefore, can rest assured that your axe is safe in it.

You can use this model if the edge of your axe is not more than 108 mm long. The sheath will thus protect your axe head from moisture keeping the sharpness intact.

The back of the sheath has a double slit, which allows the axe head to enter the sheath. Plus, it has a leather strap on the top that is seven and a half inches long for easy carrying. So if you need to leave it behind for a moment, it won’t take up too much space!

Above all, heavy nylon waxed thread is used in the stitching to buckle up the whole thing. From the material to the finishing, everything is top-notch and helps to keep the axe safe.

Why We Love It

  • Heavy-duty stitching with nylon thread
  • Double-button closure for safety
  • With safety, caps make the product sturdy
  • The leather quality is top-notch

Reason To Avoid

  • Some might experience a fitting problem


This product’s top-quality leather with excellent artisanship can be a great choice if your axe fits appropriately in the sheath. 

2. CRKT T-Hawk D2730-1 Axe Leather Sheath

CRKT T-Hawk D2730-1 Axe Leather Sheath

Columbia River Knife and Tool is a renowned brand for its extraordinary axe industry innovations. Besides making heavy-duty axes, the brand also provides the perfect solution to keep them protected. The T-Hawk sheath is made with top-grain leather.

You might know that full-grain leather is the highest quality leather that you can use in any product. The sheath comes in one shape only, and it is engineered to protect its T-hawk axes and shaped accordingly. There is a single snap button in the sheath, and they tailor it with smooth stitching. They have used best quality waxed thread for the stitching.

Why We Love It

  • Full-grain leather is the best material for any sheath
  • Very durable
  • Smooth stitching and excellent finish on the product
  • Fully handcrafted

Reason To Avoid

  • It comes in only one size


A full-grained leather T-Hawk axe sheath is something you can rely on for a long time of use.

3. Hide & Drink Axe Sheath – Model-d-627

Hide & Drink Axe Sheath - Model-d-627

Hide & Drink products have gained trust because of their fantastic handicraft designs and top-notch quality. The axe sheath (Model-d-627) comes in a rustic color known as Bourbon brown.

If we talk about the material, the specialty lies in full-grain leather. The leather they have used is durable and gets better over time. Surprisingly, the brand provides a 101-year warranty for this leather sheath. So, you can use one single sheath for almost the rest of your life.

It wouldn’t have been possible without excellent craftsmanship and experience. The local artisans make everything from scratch and deliver the best product for your axe. Just check the size chart to avoid any inconvenience. 

Why We Love It

  • Full-grain leather ensures the best quality
  • Entirely handmade and handcrafted by local artisans
  • Comes with a size chart
  • Extremely durable

Reason To Avoid

  • The snap might seem harder to open for some


This ax sheath will surely amaze you if you want something vintage that carries history and artisanship. Besides, you will get a 101-year warranty with the product. 

4. Weaver Leather Axe Guard

Weaver Leather Axe Guard

The weaver leather axe guard is a top grain leather product that weighs only 80gm. It has a long strap with adjustable holes that can fit different sizes of axes. You will get a minimum of 8 sections to adjust the belt with your axe head.

Here, the leather is not only stitched with waxed thread but also riveted on both ends. And the color of the product is tan.

If you think about durability, then worry no more. You will get a completely guaranteed product, no questions asked. This one is also handmade and crafted by experts.

Why We Love It

  • Top grain leather
  • Ensure durability
  • Handmade product by the experts
  • Adjustable straps for better fitting

Reason To Avoid

  • Adjusting the straps through holes is time-consuming


This axe head sheath is a brand-guaranteed product that is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting.

5. Heritage Leather 1001 Single Bit Axe Sheath

Heritage Leather 1001 Single Bit Axe Sheath

Heritage Leather is a small firm that values its customers above anything else. The top-grain saddle leather is used to make the single-bit leather type. The saddle leather is pretty strong and robust, and it precisely protects the axe head.

If you notice the edges, you will see a great combination of thread stitching and riveting, which ensures the ultimate protection and is responsible for durability.

Besides, the double snap holds the axe head in the right place and lessens the risk of falling off. So, you can carry your axe with this sheath with no fear.

Why We Love It

  • Top-grain saddle leather ensures the quality
  • Both stitching and riveting are done for the safety
  • A double snap system is great for the axe head
  • Top-notch finishing on the product

Reason To Avoid

  • The tag, which is stapled with the product, causes an unnecessary hole in the leather.


This beautiful ax sheath comes with saddle leather and a double snap. From product quality to mastery, everything is appreciable. 

6. D2730-1 KOSIBATE Leather Sheath

D2730-1 KOSIBATE Leather Sheath

The Kosibate hatchet sheath for Kangee, Nobo, Tomahawks D2730-1, and Woods Chogan is made of thick, durable leather. There is a strong snap in the body.

Although the metal snap is strong, it is not difficult to open or close. The genuine leather is quite thick and sewed well to give a professional look. 

You can carry your axe under the belt or any other way you want while putting it in the sheath. The brand offers a lifetime guarantee on the leather sheath. Customer satisfaction is their primary focus, so they will never disappoint you in this sector.

Why We Love It

  • Strong metal snap
  • Durable and thick leather for strength
  • Product weight is not heavy
  • Stitching is perfect

Reason To Avoid

  • Only a few models of hatchet can avail this excellent product


It is a lightweight yet durable leather sheath for axe owners who enjoy traveling with their axe.

7. TOURBON Axe Head Sheath With Belt Carrier

Tourbon Axe Head Sheath With Belt Carrier

The Tourbon axe sheath and belt carrier are designed with thick leather that looks stunning. Leather products with vintage finishes are something that you must have in your collection.

And if it can provide the service with longevity, then what more can you ask for? You can customize the product by measuring your axe head. After you’ve taken the necessary measurements, you can get the suitable one.

The stitching and the strong metal stud closure make the Tourban leather axe sheath kit even more special. The simple on and off button saves time as well.  

Why We Love It

  • Sturdy and thick leather for the cover
  • Simple on and off technology
  • Vintage finishing on the sheath
  • Provides a size chart for customized orders

Reason To Avoid

  • The price is a bit high


The Tourbon axe sheath template is different in so many ways from others. The vintage look with the robust material is the best combo that anyone can ask for.

8. USA Leather Sheath-Top Grain

USA Leather Sheath-Top Grain

The USA axe/hatchet sheath is made of top-grain leather. The sheath is four inches long and five and a half inches wide. The leather is thick and comes with a natural tone in this product. The stitching is secured along with riveting on the edges, and it has a one-snap button to protect the axe head.

This leather sheath has come all the way from Southern Missouri, and its superb craftsmanship is visible on the product. Moreover, the axe head sheath fits in so many axe models.

Why We Love It

  • Handmade products by local artisans
  • Easy to open and easy to close button
  • Top grain leather for durability
  • Excellent finishing

Reason To Avoid

  • The price is comparatively high


USA top-grain axe sheath is made with precision and protects the axe head completely.

What to Look for Before You Buy

Before buying a leather sheath for your chopper, you need to look out for some factors. Otherwise, you might end up with an unpleasant result and lose some bucks.

Best Quality Leather

The most important thing about an axe sheath is the quality of the leather. As a key material, you cannot ignore the importance of high-end leather for your sheath. You can choose between top-grain leather or full-grain leather.

Full-grain leather comes in the purest form and is considered the best quality. And the top grain is the second highest quality leather. So, while looking for the best axe sheath, always go with either full grain or top grain.

Sturdy Buttons

To keep your axe in the sheath, you need at least one sturdy snap button. A good snap button can make a big difference in your sheath, and look for the stainless ones.

Besides, some sheaths might have a double snap button as well. So, check if it takes less effort to open or close them. Easy on and off buttons are preferred for the axe sheath.

Waxed Thread

A piece of leather transforms into an axe sheath because of cutting and sewing the pieces into shape. So, if the stitching is not good enough, it will not last long. The thread should be at least 1.2 mm thick to ensure durability. And waxed threads are among the strongest and give better performance in terms of durability.

Best Quality Rivet

Using thread might not be enough to provide enough strength for the sheath. That’s why riveting is done on the leather. The size of the rivet will depend on the thickness of the leather. You can choose a brass rivet for extra strength and durability for your sheath.


1. Is a PVC axe sheath good?

A PVC axe sheath can be a great alternative to a leather axe sheath. The PVC axe sheath can resist moisture and heat while protecting the axe head. Besides, you can get them at a lower price as well.

2. Can you DIY an axe sheath?

Yes, absolutely. Making an axe sheath needs some basic sense of craftsmanship that you can achieve through practice. At first, it might not look as good as the professional ones, but once you get the correct technique and good materials, it will get better over time.

3. Is a Leather Axe Sheath Expensive?

Leather is expensive, so anything made with leather will also be costly. However, there are different grades of leather. So, the price will differ according to the leather grade.

4. How long can a leather axe sheath last?

Depending on the quality of the leather, a leather axe sheath can last more than 50 years or so. Some brands even give more than 100 years of guaranteed service on their leather axe sheaths. As long as you use the leather sheath properly, it will keep going.

Final Words

A good-quality axe sheath lasts longer and protects the axe head from damage. So, don’t look at the budget while buying the leather axe sheath. Instead, buy the best quality, which will eventually save you from any extra costs in the future.

Hopefully, our guide to the best leather for axe sheath is helpful enough to buy the best quality sheath with no confusion.

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