5 Easy Steps On Using A Brick Hammer Efficiently!

A Brick Hammer on Brick

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A brick hammer, also known as a “brick spreading hammer” or “mason’s hammer” is common for masons and bricklayers to use brick hammers in brick kilns. These hammers are designed to ensure versatility of use and durability. 

It is a must for almost any construction or home project involving stone or brick. The head is usually made of a single piece of forged metal. These hammers are great for breaking bricks and stones into small pieces for any construction work.

Those of you who have never used this hammer before do not know which side of the brick hammer works for which task. In general, many of us do not know how to use it. 

Hence, we have prepared this article to show you how to use a brick hammer properly by giving you step-by-step instructions. Let’s swoop in on the article.

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Structure of Brick Hammer and Its Uses

The comfortable grip handle and double-sided single-head hammer are versatile. Because of the comfortable handle, your hand gets protection by absorbing some of the shocks from hitting hard objects like rocks and bricks.

Both sides of the head look quite different, and their functions are also different. The blunt side is used to break up or crush more extensive pieces of brick or stone. And the other side is that a chisel is used for chipping away or smoothing small pieces of brick or rock.

Besides breaking bricks, the brick hammer is also useful for hammering concrete, splitting pavers, and scraping dry cement. It is also often used for breaking, trimming, and cleaning brick slabs. 

Brick slabs can also be broken, trimmed, and cleaned with them. Its hammer-like blunt side is for breaking large pieces of brick, landscaping stone, concrete, cinder block, etc. The thin, fine, chisel-like side of the hammer is ideal for chipping small pieces of stone or brick without breaking them.

5 Easy Steps to Use A Brick Hammer

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Although there are several simple ways to use a brick hammer, the way masons use it is truly remarkable. If you have ever noticed a mason at his workplace, you will surely notice how they can use it with great skillfulness and precision. If you want to use a brick hammer in the same way that masons skillfully cut bricks, do it in the following way:

Step 1: Score the object

Using the chisel side of the head, first gently cut a line around the stone that needs to be split, called “scoring.” Create a perforated line, then switch sides like a hammer to deliver a knockout blow that creates a clean cut. 

Step 2: Use blunt side to crush brick

You can separate large brick pieces with the blunt side of a brick hammer. This aspect can also split brick layers in half or crush bricks into small pieces.

Step 3: Strike the point of cement or mortar

Strike the point between the cement or mortar and the brick to clean the brick when you wish to reuse it. You can accomplish this by using the blunt side of the hammer when working with concrete or cement. In addition, you can use it to drive stakes and split cutting lines.

Step 4: Use the chisel edge for delicate cuts

Use the chisel edge of a brick hammer for delicate hammer work, such as chipping small pieces of brick. Simply hit the large brick gently with the chisel-end until the brick chips break off.

Step 5: Shape and smooth the brick

Again, use the chisel side to shape and smooth the face of the brick. Work from one end of the brick to the other until the brick is smooth. When you need to separate pieces of cemented brick, use the chisel-end. A small amount of cement dust will form when you beat the cement between the brick pieces. Use the chisel to remove cement dust. Hit the cement again until the brick pieces separate.

Safety Measures While Using the Brick Hammer

Even though brick hammers are not very dangerous tools, they can be a bit risky for a non-professional. So, you can use gloves and eyeglasses while working with the hammer. This will protect your hands and eyes from hammer and brick blows. And the glass will protect your eyes from small pieces of brick and cement dust.


As with many other tools, hammers come in a variety of types to accomplish various types of tasks. No matter which tool you use for your work, having a good knowledge of it is important. Before you begin working with it, you should also know how to use the brick hammer.

We should ensure all kinds of safety while using any instrument or tool. And since you are quite clumsy with a brick hammer, you need to be a little more careful about using it.

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