How To Split Firewood with An Axe and Other Alternative Tools

How To Split Firewood with An Axe

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Splitting firewood or any other wood is very laborious and energy-consuming. But not for those who have already taken this job as fun. You might be thinking, “Oops!” How can such a difficult task be fun for someone? But yes, that’s how it feels to professionals. 

The use of firewood as fuel has been around since ancient times. Once you master some wood cutting techniques, you can do anything you want with a big obdurate piece of wood. And you can do this job not only with an ax but with any other tool such as a chainsaw, splitting wedge, or even a sharp knife with a maul.

We have organized the entire article to make you efficient in this task. So check out the techniques and the easiest ways to split wood with an ax and other alternatives.

3 Steps to Split Firewood With An Axe

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Since you want to split the wood easily with less effort, it is best to dry it properly. And then follow the steps. 

Step 1: First, split large chunks of firewood (keep it round) into smaller sizes. This makes splitting easier to handle, which reduces labor and the possibility of injury.

Step 2: Then, put a piece of wood or a chopping board down on the wood you want to split. Choose a relatively flat piece of wood, so it doesn’t roll. Then the piece of wood kept for the split will be set, and it will be very convenient for you to cut the wood. If you try to split the wood on the ground by hitting it with the ax, you will hit it and drive it into the dirt. So, it will take a lot longer to split the wood.

Note: When splitting a log or wood, never throw your ax into the center of the wood; instead, aim for the wood’s edge because the center is the hardest part.

Step 3: Next, it’s time to lay hold of the ax to your advantage so you can do the main work. If you are right-handed, keep the back of the ax in your left hand. And then hit your ax into the edge of the wood and step back a bit. It would help if you went to practice because you will miss a few times.

Note: Don’t chop the wood aside; otherwise, it will keep going between your legs. You may miss your goal.

However, another trick is to split the piece of wood by leaning it against the wood below. With this tactic, you don’t have to worry about it falling over. When you hit the selected point, it will split through very easily. This advantage is that the wood will split but won’t spread here and there. It will save you a lot of energy. 

Also, there is another fantastic way that makes firewood splitting more fun and efficient when dealing with a big piece of wood. Take a piece of rope and a short bung strap, and then tie a tight knot around the wood. Nothing will fall over till you are all done.

The best and easiest way to get the job done is to split the wood with an ax by following the steps. But for this job, you need to practice. Knowing the rules will never get you good at it unless you practice regularly.

How To Split Wood Without an Ax but By Hand

An ax is an easiest and least laborious way to split firewood, either manually or by hand. However, you may not always have an ax at hand. What would you do in that case? Yes, you will have to use some other method. Let us help you to learn all the alternatives.

Hammer And Wedge or Knife

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To split wood with a sharp blade knife, wedges, and hammer, you must do a couple of things. First of all, use your knife to make some cracks in the log. If the log is dry, it will have some natural cracks. So now you kind of start with one of those, and the knife does not go all the way through.

So, this time you need a hammer or baton to get a little split into the wood. Once you’ve gotten a little split, please take one of your edges and set it in the crack with the already embedded knife. Now, take your hammer or baton and lightly tap it into the gap to give the knife some relief so you can get it out. Next, put another wedge in the middle and take another one similarly. Keep taping until they go in more and more, and you will get a top split.

Using A Saw

Image: badaxetoolworks

Carrying a hammer in your backpack while on a trip is not only uncomfortable, but its sharp blade is dangerous too. It can lead to some pretty severe accidents. So, instead of carrying an ax, you can prefer a saw. This small saw is excellent for cutting small tree branches or thin pieces of wood. Although it takes a little more time, it is an excellent alternative to an ax for splitting wood.

Lever Axe

Credit: zahradajezek |

The lever ax is the fastest and a fantastic tool for splitting firewood. You can compare no other traditional tool like an ax or maul with this wood splitter, which claims to be safer and more effective. You will have fun splitting wood while you find it is not getting stuck and doing so fast. When you hit the wood, the lever ax forces the wood to split off.

If you want to split wood manually but not with an ax, these are some tools you can use as an alternative.

Tricks To Do Wood-Splitting Job Efficiently

Since wood splitting is quite a difficult task, no matter which tool you use, you should apply some tricks to make the job easier. Experts always adopt some technique while doing this work, so their work is perfect and skillful. So I am teaching you the tips and tricks so that you can have fun with wood splitting too.

  • Choose the right one when selecting the wood. Choose dry, round-cut small pieces of wood.
  • When setting it up, make sure not to move the wood. For that, try to cut them into equal sizes while cutting them.
  • Tie the wood with rope or place tires to prevent movement.
  • Use a strong ax with a comparable serpent blade for splitting. This will save you both energy and time. You can choose your convenient tool so that you enjoy splitting it or it is comfortable.
  • Make sure your position is correct. Step back a little before hitting the wood with the ax.
  • Find cracks in the wood so that you can find the perfect place to start an easy split.

Safety Concerns During Splitting Firewood with An Ax

When you are working with chopping, then safety concerns are first and foremost. However, splitting firewood can also be a dangerous activity.

Do the following steps to avoid any unwanted incident.

  • Do not let anyone be around you when you are splitting the wood.
  • Select a safe and open place to chop wood.
  • Wear safety equipment like goggles or glubs, steel-toed boots, and a helmet.


OK, now you know how to easily split wood and collect it yourself in a short amount of time with less energy consumption. But, of course, you need to keep practicing, and nothing can stop you from becoming an expert in a short time.

And hopefully, this time, your firewood splitting will not be too difficult if you follow the proper rules and steps to proceed. So, will you spend this winter in the warmth of your own hand-made firewood?

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