How To Put An Axe Head On A Handle in 6 Steps

How to Put an Axe Head on a Handle

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Even though axe handles last a long time, if cared for properly, you may have to replace the handle once or twice. Luckily, the procedure is almost hassle-free if you know how to put an axe head on a handle.

That’s why I’ll be describing the procedure today. This step-by-step procedure will certainly make your axe safer to use. Besides, if you know the steps, you won’t have to visit a professional to do the job for you.

So, let’s get started.

How to Put an Axe Head on a Handle – Step by Step

The process requires multiple steps, but I assure you none of them are complex. You will understand once you go through them. Note that this method only works for wooden handles. The procedure of a fiberglass axe handle replacement will be different than this one.

Step 1: Select Your Axe Handle

The first step is to find a proper handle for your axe. There are two ways of doing it. You can either buy a ready-made axe handle from the shop or make one.

Making a handle on your own will require precise measurements. So, if you’re not an expert craftsman, I recommend purchasing a ready-made handle. Most handles are similar in size that fits a standard axe blade. So, you won’t have to worry about the fitment.

Step 2: Clean The Axe Eye

The hole on an axe blade is called the eye. If the blade is newly forged, you won’t need to clean it. However, if you’re replacing a handle, you will have to clean it.

The old handle can leave debris inside the axe. If they’re not properly cleaned, the handle won’t fit perfectly. You can use sandpaper to clean the inner side of the axe eye.

Step 3: Mark The Kerf

If you’ve purchased a handle, there will be a pre-slit cut on the head. This is called the kerf. Use a pencil to mark where the kerf ends. That’s the length you want the handle to enter the axe eye.

If you make the handle yourself, you will have to make the kerf.

Step 4: Test Fit Your Handle

Now, insert the handle in the axe eye. If it feels difficult to do manually, try using another piece of wood. But make sure you don’t put much pressure. See how far the handle goes.

You can make adjustments to the handle by testing the fit. If the handle feels too long, shorten it according to your preference.

When you’re pressing the eye on the handle, always use a wood piece rather than a metal hammer. Using a metal hammer will compromise the integrity of the wood.

Step 5: Install The Wedge

The blade is now connected to the handle, but it needs to be secure. Make a wooden wedge and insert it into the kerf of the handle. You will feel the handle getting tighter inside the axe’s eye. Use another wood piece to gently press the wedge into the kerf.

Step 6: Secure The Handle

It’s always better to use a combination of axe handle wedges. The handle becomes more secure this way. After installing the wooden wedge, place two small metal wedges parallel like a train track and use a wooden piece to insert them.

Now, use melted resin or glue on top of the axe head to make the bond more secure. Allow it to dry, and the axe will be ready to use. You can also use the same method for a Truper axe handle replacement.

Safety Measures

  • Wear safety glasses when installing a handle on your axe head. 
  • Don’t secure the handle until you’re sure that it’s a perfect match. 
  • Seek an axe handle replacement service if you’re unsure about how to rehandle an axe. 
  • If the axe head is damaged, ask a local professional to fix an axe head to avoid unnecessary steps. 


Final Verdict

So, that was everything about how to put an axe head on a handle. Hope you don’t have any queries left. I can’t emphasize enough the fact that you should always seek help if you are not confident enough about the method.

If you don’t want to go to a professional, ask for help from a friend or neighbor. Keeping someone around during the DIY procedure will certainly boost your confidence to another level. Besides, they can help in case anything goes wrong.

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