5 Easy Steps: How To Make An Axe Sheath With Duct Tape?

how to make an axe sheath with duct tape

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You may have heard about making axe sheaths with duct tape. So, does it work, or everybody is making a fool of themselves? Well, even though it’s not a standard replacement for a sheath, it works well if you’re looking for something DIY.

In this article, I am going to explain how to make an axe sheath with duct tape. It’s a pretty straightforward method and shouldn’t take too long to finish. So, let’s start making a sheath for that beautiful axe of yours.

How to Make an Axe Sheath with Duct Tape: Step-By-Step

I have kept the tutorial as easy as possible. I recommend gathering the recommended material first. It makes making a hand axe sheath easier.

Things You Need

  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Your Axe

Do this on a workbench so that there’s no defect on your sheath. Handle your axe carefully to avoid accidents. Prepare properly before making the DIY axe sheath.

Step 1: Make a Sheet of Duct Tape

The first thing you need to do is to take a strip of duct tape. It should exceed your axe blade’s width. Now, fold it in a way so that half of the sticky part stays exposed and the other half is covered by the fold.

Take another strip of duct tape. The length should be similar to the prior one. Use this strip to cover the exposed sticky part. Flip the entire strip over and add another strip. Keep doing this over and over again to make a sheet. The sheet needs to be larger than the head of your axe.

Step 2: Cut the Sheet

Now, place the axe on top of the sheet. Use a marker to outline the axe head onto the duct tape sheet. Make it bigger than the actual axe head to give us some extra room within the sheath.

Take your scissors and cut along the outline of the axe head.

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Step 3: Make Another Sheet

Use the same steps to make another sheet from your duct tape. Place the sheet you made before on top of this one. Use the scissors to cut it into the same shape. Now you have two similar axe sheath patterns made of duct tape.

Step 4: Join the Two Pieces

Now, stick the two pieces together. Use duct tape to secure the joint on the top and front area of the axe shape. The handle and the back part should be open to insert the axe.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now, take another strip of duct tape and keep folding it until the entire sticky part is covered. Again, keep the strip thin and narrow. Now, tape this strip’s ends on both sides of the sheath near the back. It will create a handing loop below the sheath. 

Insert the axe inside the sheath to see if it fits properly.   


  • Handle the scissors and axe with caution. 
  • Avoid using blunt scissors for cutting the shape, or it won’t be clean. 
  • Make sure no sticky part of the tape is exposed once you’re done making the sheath.
  • This sheath is not an ideal replacement for a store-bought sheath.
  • Use good-quality duct tape.


How to make a knife sheath with duct tape?

You can make a knife sheath with duct tape using the same procedure explained above. However, the measurement will be different. You can either make a sheath for the blade or cover the whole knife if you.

What else can I use to make an axe sheath?

Other than using duct tape, you can also make a paracord axe sheath, PVC axe sheath, or a leather axe sheath. The procedures are different from one another.

Final Verdict

Even though making a sheath by yourself isn’t the ideal situation, you can give it a try if you are feeling crafty. Sometimes the internet makes us want to try new things.

Hopefully, this article on ‘how to make an axe sheath with duct tape’ will assist you in fulfilling your curious mind.

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