8 Steps: How To Hang An Axe On The Wall?

How To Hang An Axe On The Wall

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Hanging an axe on the wall is a popular practice among axe enthusiasts. Some people hang their axe for aesthetic purposes. Some like showcasing their restoration. On the contrary, some people like having access to their axe whenever they want.

Regardless of the reason, it’s crucial to know how to hang an axe on the wall with precision. It’s a sharp tool that needs to be in a secure place but still conveniently accessible.

That’s why today’s article is about hanging your precious axe on the wall.

How to Hang an Axe on The Wall – Just 8 Steps

Before getting into the procedure, let me tell you about the things you will need. Make sure you have everything ready by your side to complete the process without any hassles.

Things You Will Need

Step 1: Planning

Before you start installing the hooks, you need to decide how you wish to see your axe on the wall. Even though it depends on your preference, some axes will look better if you hang them in specific ways.

For instance, two-sided axes will be better off if you hang them straight. Using two screws near the blade will secure the axe in place. On the contrary, one-sided axes will be more suitable if hung at a slight angle.

With a one-sided axe, you can use one screw near the blade and another one near the handle’s bottom. The blade should be facing down. The same method applies if you go for a double axe wall mount.

All I’m saying is to figure out how you want the axe to look after hanging it.

Step 2: Measure the Axe

Note that you won’t need the axe’s length to hang it. Measure the thickness. It will allow you to select suitable screws for the axe.

Measure only the places you need. For instance, if you are hanging a one-sided axe, measure the axe handle near the head and near the end.

Step 3: Selecting Suitable Screws

After you are certain about your axe’s measurements, it’s time to take suitable screws. How to determine the perfect screw length?

You should go for screws that are double in measurement than the axe’s thickness. Half of the screw will be pinned on the wall, and the other half will hold the axe in place.

You can also go for an axe wall mounting bracket instead of a screw. If you want your axe to be displayed aesthetically, you can buy decorative axe mounting brackets.

Step 4: Locate Wooden Stud

You may have heard that you should always find wood studs to mount your screws or hooks. It ensures stability and safety.

So, use your stud sensor to find wooden studs on the wall. It would be best if you could find an area where multiple wood studs are located close to one another.

Step 5: Mark the Position

Don’t go wild and start pinning the screws directly on the wall. Hold your axe on the wall in the exact position you want it to hang. Then, use a pencil to mark the area you want to position the screws.

It’s a good idea to ask for someone else’s help when you’re positioning the axe. You can tell them to hold the axe on the wall for you so that you can see it from a distance. Sometimes it’s a bit tough to get the angle right when you’re standing so close to the object.

Step 6: Drill the Screws

Now it’s time to mount your screws. No matter what method you’re using to screw them to the wall, make sure only half of the screws are drilled. The other half parts must be outside to hold the axe.

Also, ensure that the screws are entirely straight. They should be parallel to the wall. If you get this wrong, you may have to do the entire procedure from the beginning.

Step 7: Check if the Screws Are Secure

There’s no tool necessary for this step. Hand check the screws if they’re safe enough to hold an axe. If you feel that the screws are not straight enough or they are wobbling to the slightest, redo the step.

It’s essential to keep the screws tight and secure in place to avoid any unwanted situation.

Step 8: Place the Axe

It’s time to place your axe on the screws. If you feel like the screws, you’ve mounted aren’t enough for holding the axe, don’t forget to add more screws.

The axe shouldn’t move for any reason.


How to hang a hatchet?

Hanging a hatchet is quite similar to hanging an axe. The measurements will be different due to the size and shape. However, the process is similar.

Why do people hang their axes?

People who own axes can have several reasons for hanging their axes. One reason, for instance, is to display antique axes. It works as décor inside the house. In comparison, some people find hanging their axe on the wall to be a space-saving option. It also allows them to access their axes with convenience.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, I’ve answered all your questions regarding how to hang an axe on the wall. If you follow proper methodology, it is one of the simplest jobs to do. You won’t need any expensive tools to do this job either.

As long as you ensure your safety by wearing glasses, proper outfits, and gloves, there’s a very little chance of things getting wrong. The process won’t take much time either. You can enjoy a beautiful view of your axes in no time.

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