How To Date A Craftsman Axe [2 Essential Steps]

How To Date A Craftsman Axe

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It is important to know the origin and manufacturing period of the particular axe or axe head. When someone plans to restore a craftsman axe, he should focus on grabbing the vintage one.

In the case of knowing the real origin of a craftsman, a lumberjack or user should know how to date a craftsman axe properly.

Necessity Steps: Dating a Craftsman Axe

In the case of the axe of a craftsman, the older the axe comes to be, the better service it will supply. In the process of dating an axe, someone can find other vintage boy axes from American businesses like Kelly, Collins, Plumb, and others.

Some international companies like Hults Bruk, Gransfors Bruk, Sandvik, and others also provide vintage axes. But, to date an axe properly, the main motto for a craftsman axe should be shape, style, and weight.

Axes are generally used for a long time. However, they are primarily used for common tasks such as woodcutting or hunting. A vintage craftsman axe could be extremely valuable if purchased. As a result, it will be more significant when someone discovers or manufactures the history of any particular axe. 

And this is not different from a craftsman’s axe. However, a few steps need to be followed to date a craftsman. 

Step 1- Do Some Research About the Craftsman Axe Head

Two things need to be highlighted to know about an axe head: one is forging, and another is casting. 

The technique an axe head is made is a great predictor of whether it’s a new or vintage axe. Forging or casting is the most common method for creating axe heads. Melting the metal and striking it until the proper shape, angle, and sharpness are achieved by forging an axe. A user may usually observe hammer marks on a forged axe’s surface.

On the other hand, in the casting technique, a craftsman axe maker usually pours liquid metal into two sides of a mold to create an axe head. This mold allowed the metal to bond together when it became mixed. As a result, a visible seam may be seen where the metal pieces come together.

This line might be apparent on the axe head surface if the axe is well-made. Users can also examine the axe by rotating it to the side. By focusing on the technique, a user can date an axe head by seeing the surface of the axe head.

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Step 2- Identifying Craftsman Head Markings

The etchings of the company are usually found on most craftsmen’s axes. The craftsman brand’s logo can be found on the axe’s blade or the flat surface of the axe’s head.

This logo can be used to narrow down any axe manufacturer. Users can begin looking over virtual catalogs once they’ve identified the manufacturer. These catalogs detail the company’s various labels and logos, as well as the year in which they were featured. By comparing the ax’s markings to those in these catalogs, you can determine when your axe was made.

Craftsman Date Coding

The different craftsman series have different craftsman date code charts, such as if someone tries to find vintage craftsman logos by year and got any axe manufactured between 1960 and 2008. Those axes will contain different codes than the recent ones.

But still, there could be confusion because between 1960 and 2008, there were around 450 Craftsman tools purchased. And all code cannot possible to date. Moreover, the axe manufactured before 1964 is also critical to date correctly.

If someone is trying to find out craftsman 113 date codes, most probably he cannot because date codes were never meant to be kept for historical purposes.


What font is used for the Craftsman logo?

The sans serif family includes the bold, unique typeface used on the Craftsman logo.

How to know the exact age of a craftsman’s ax head?

Anyone can date a real craftsman axe to see the two spots on the head lettering.

Final Verdict

To conclude, to find the steps on how to date a craftsman axe, a user should focus on the head processing technique and dating craftsman logos. But to escape the struggle, someone can find the catalog of craftsman axe.

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