How To Cut Beadboard Without A Saw?

Cut Beadboard

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Reluctant about cutting your beadboard with a sharp saw or it’s not available by hand? Then no worry as it’s not going to be a herculean issue! There are some alternatives to saws that can assist you effectively to cut the beadboard.

The first alternative beadboard cutting technique is the utility knife. An oscillating tool or the wood cutting wheel is the other way that is going to be good option for you.

Just knowing the only alternative ways won’t be enough to cut the beadboard successfully. For a perfect finish of the task, there are some more facts that you need to know. So, if you want to know how to cut beadboard without a saw perfectly, stay tuned with us till the end.

What Are the Other Ways to Cut My Beadboard Without a Saw?

Usually, using a saw for cutting the beadboard is customary for many people. But from time to time, depending on the situation, you’ve to search for alternative ways for cutting the beadboard.

For a situation like this, we have a deep search on this matter and come up with ways which you can apply to cut the beadboard other than the saw. Let’s take a look together.

Technique 1: With Utility Knife [source]

Image source: lappland_edc / Instagram

The first alternative that you can apply to cut the beadboard to renovate your house is the utility knife.

Using a utility knife, you can get the job done within 30 to 50 minutes. To help you out, here we’re going to discuss briefly how you can easily cut the beadboard with a utility knife.

How To Use:

First, plan out where & how you will cut the beadboard. Measure your plan of cutting the board & mark it with a marker on the back of the beadboard.

Now using the sharp utility knife, cut the line on the board. Before cutting make sure there are no nails & screws on the board. Use a sharp & quality knife while cutting the board.

Be careful & put enough pressure to cut the lines. Don’t put extra pressure as too much pressure can cause the board to break. Smoothly cut through the lines & hopefully you’re all done.

Technique 2: By Oscillating Tool [source, source]

Image source: smarttoolsfrance / Instagram

Not only a utility knife but also an Oscillating Tool can also help you to cut the beadboard when you’re not using a saw. A portable power tool known as an oscillating tool has a variety of interchangeable blades. This tool can expel fine finish work as well as immense controllability.

How To Use:

First of all, choose the right blade for cutting the beadboard with an oscillating tool. Choosing the right blade can make a huge difference in the sharpness & smoothness of the beadboard cut.

To cut the straight line of the beadboard, a round or half-moon saw blade will work the highest. Lightly press down on the tool, and cut on the beadboard about ¼ inch deep.

Now run your tool all across the length of the line several times. Make the cut deeper until it cuts through your beadboard.

Technique 3: Using Wood Cutting Wheel [source]

Using Wood Cutting Wheel
Image source:

For cutting & shaping beadboard for your house renovation, the Dremel wood cutting wheel can also be another good option.

Using a wood cutting wheel you can cut the beadboard beautifully. Wood cutting wheels are carbide cutting wheels that are used for different cutting purposes. It can be an ideal tool for having cuts on the beadboard without a saw when you are about to give a new look to your house.

How To Use:

When using the wood cutting wheel, try to use a two-handle golf grip. Use the correct angle for cutting the beadboard. While cutting, do not use excessive pressure. Recommended speed of the Dremel wood cutting wheel for the hardwood & the softwood is 20.000-35.000 RPM.

Difficulties You May Face When Cutting Beadboard Without a Saw [source]

No one wants to face a sudden difficulty that comes out of the blue in the middle of work. Along with the utility of the tools that we’ve mentioned above, they also have some drawbacks.

That’s why prior to making any decision of choosing alternative tools than a saw, it’s better to know what are the probable difficulties you may face.

  • As saws are extremely effective for cutting the beadboard, you find it a little hard to cut with the other tools.
  • It can be a little difficult to cut straight lines compared with the saw.
  • The most noticeable difficulty is the speed of cutting the beadboard. Cutting the beadboard with the other alternative tools will take much time to complete.
  • There can be discoloration of wood problems.
  • It also provides a chance for maximum burr production.

Tips for Easily Cutting Beadboard Without Using Saw [source, source]

Along with the perfect tool, precise & useful techniques for splitting the beadboard can assist to get the job done easily. So, after having a deep search on cutting the beadboard without a saw, we have come across some effective tips that we would like to share with you. Take a look at them for the best result.

  • Always use a sharp tool or blade.
  • To reduce splintering while cutting, score both sides of the beadboard.
  • Ensure that the beadboard & the tool is facing in the right direction.
  • Try to consider cutting the beadboard along the grain of it.
  • You should use masking when you will cut the beadboard.
  • Always begin the cutting with a shallow cut on the beadboard & work on the smooth surface of it.


After going through the whole discussion, you may have some specific questions on your mind regarding the matter. No, bother! In this subsection, we’re going to provide answers to those queries.

How do you cut the beadboard straight without a saw?

To cut the beadboard straight without a saw, first mark a straight line on the beadboard. To mark up either you can use a marker or tape. Now carefully cut through the line with a sharp tool.

How to cut the angle of the beadboard with a utility knife?

First, mark the area of the angle using a marker or tape that you are going to cut. Measure the angle where it should go and using your utility knife cut through the angle. Ensure to have enough space for your fingers while cutting.

Do you cut the beadboard face up or down?

Cutting the beadboard whether face up or face down depends on your tool. A downward-cutting tool like a table saw needs a face-up position. As for the circular saw, it needs the face-down position of the beadboard.

How to cut beadboard without splintering?

The most common way to cut the beadboard without splintering is the masking tape. To prevent splintering, apply masking tape to your beadboard and cut through the tape.

What is the best tool to cut beadboard?

The best tool to cut the beadboard is the electric circular saw. The beadboard thickness varies between 1/8 inch to 1 inch. Using an electric circular saw, you can easily cut through the thickness of the beadboard.

Wrapping Thoughts

Tools are the first condition to accomplish a task perfectly. For your beadboard cutting, when you are about to choose a tool, give the priority to the one that suits you. Select the tool with which you are comfortable cutting the beadboard perfectly.

In case you don’t like the saw for the task, use any of the tools that we mentioned earlier. Cut the beadboard carefully using a utility knife or an oscillating tool. Now all you have done. Admire your work & congratulate yourself on your great success!

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