How To Carry An Axe: 5 Potential Ways

How To Carry An Axe

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For a logger, carrying an axe is important. Because a logger cannot always cut trees in a particular area, he needs to move. As a result, understanding how to carry an axe is helpful in such a situation.

Taking an axe in the wrong way can cause an accident. Sometimes, lumberjacks prefer to keep an axe on hand. But it is quite impossible to carry an axe in this position for a long time.

The Tool Wise expert will explain how a logger can carry his Axe properly.

Carrying an Axe: Possible Ways

Carrying an axe is always tricky because of its sharp blade. As a result, lumbermen should take a few precautions when transporting their axes. First, an axe should be set so that a logger can quickly grab the Axe.

Way 1- Use a Shovel Pocket

Shovel Pocket

A backpack can be a good option for carrying an axe. But there are some drawbacks. Such as, if you insert your Axe into the bag, maybe you will face trouble taking it out of the bag again and again.

And if someone is a concert about how to safely carry an axe, then a shovel pocket is the alternative.

This problem can be solved by using shovel pockets. This pocket can keep your Axe safe because it has hip belts. This pocket is usually made for the Bushcraft axe belt.

Way 2- Use Holder with Strap

Holder with Strap

A user can carry his axe with a strap by using a holder. However, keep in mind that it must be balanced when someone places the item in the backpack.

Moreover, while carrying an axe, the lumber should not put the blade against his body because if he falls, the edge will badly injure you.

Make sure your axe holder is capable of protecting your axe head. It’s for your own safety as well as the safety of any lumber.

Mostly, contemporary axes, such as those made by Gransfors Bruk, have high-quality steel axe heads that keep a razor-sharp edge. Unfortunately, even touching the edge of skin or clothing can cause injury.

Way 3- Carry An Axe with An Axe Mask

Axe Mask / Credit: Mrlentz

An axe mask is also an excellent option to protect your Axe. But an axe will not shield you from the edge in all situations.

Sometimes, you may forget to put off the mask and fit your Axe with the mask on the wood board

As a result, the mask can be damaged, and later on, that damaged mask cannot protect your Axe. This carrying process is also applicable for an ice axe. 

Way 4- Use Molle Straps

Molle Straps

For someone looking to know how to carry an ax on your back, he should know. While carrying an axe in a backpack, using a molle strap can suppress the moving of the Axe. 

Put an eye on the axe head, and make sure it is attached to the backpack top or not. There are a few more things lumber needs to focus on: 

  • Make the pack well-balanced.
  • The Axe should be in the packed middle.
  • Use other weighted tools to balance the backpack.

Alternatively, someone can keep their Axe in the corner of the bag, but they need to be concerned about adding a counterweight.

A counterweight is usually equal to an axe. In this case, a webbing strap can help because it is important to know how to properly carry an axe.

Way 5- Usage of DIY Axe Holder

DIY Axe Holder

Suppose you are not interested in attaching your Axe to a backpack. In that case, there is no need to worry about it because there are various methods to use the webbing strap to fasten equipment to carry an axe. 

In this case, someone may create their own axe holder out of any number of materials found in stores or found in nature. Leather, webbing, and paracord are the most popular materials used to make axe holders.

Whatever you choose to create as your axe holder, it will need a few things to keep in mind:

  • The loop should be proper.
  • Stable, loop-securing process
  • Another loop to keep the axe knob from hanging so that no one can lose their balance. 

In some rare circumstances, if someone made the axe DIY head holder with solid leather, he may feel his axe holder is slipping.

To prevent this, use thick leather. However, the user can use two points to tie the axe head.

Moreover, an integrated cover belt loop can also facilitate the process of carrying an axe. 

Because an integrated cover belt can save you from any kind of injury, sheath priority comes first for a few axes. In that case, a user can use their grip and axe shoulder harness to carry the Axe. 


Is it forbidden to carry an axe?

Unless you’re transferring an axe from vehicle property or your vehicle to a store, there’s no reason to “carry an axe in public.” It’s probably not against the law in most places, but it’s not a good idea.

How to carry a hatchet on a belt?

In the case of carrying an axe on a belt, attach your Axe with the belt hook.

Final Verdict

I hope this article helps you to dig into the information about how to carry an axe. Just use a backpack, belt, axe holder, strap, and mask to carry an axe.

In case, this information helps you out, then share the ideas with your protection one to help them too.

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