How To Build A Hatchet Throwing Target (Beginners Guide)

How To Build A Hatchet Throwing Target

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Among the woodmen, the hatch-throwing competition is extremely famous. Their passion for the craftsmanship of a hatchet and the target is overwhelming.

So, if you want to ace your game, there is no alternative to practicing it at home or in a club.

And to do so, you will need a hatch-throwing target. Let’s learn how to build a hatchet-throwing target with the following instructions.

The hatchet-throwing league started not so long ago. It is most popular among the woodmen of North America, Europe, and Australia. 

The rapidly growing interest in hatchet throwing has been phenomenal. People are getting more interested in investing their time and efforts in the hatchet-throwing leagues.

So, knowing how to build a target will always benefit the players as they level up their game. 

Best Wood for Axe Throwing Target

Choosing the best wood for axe throwing target is a game-changer in hatchet throwing practice. Among all the woods, pine will give you the best performance in this game. 

It is more sustainable and has the perfect amount of softness for sticking the hatchet into the wood plate. 

If you select a hardwood to make your target, your hatcher will not stick to it. And if you select a wood that is too soft, it will not sustain its good quality for a longer period. 

You will see degradation happening so fast that you eventually realize this is not good for your practice. So, perfect softness should be on your priority list while buying wood. 

Besides, investigate if the axe throwing target wood has any dark spots or knots. Always avoid wood with dark spots and knots. Also, check the grain direction. Vertical grain in the wood is what you should look for.

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Diy Axe Throwing Target Dimensions

According to the World Axe Throwing League, the dimension of an axe-throwing target should be 4 feet by 4 feet. 

And should have protection on both ends with a one-foot header and one-foot footer.

What Tools Do You Need?

The things you need to build your ax-throwing target are as follows:

  • Three 2x10x8 
  • Two 2x6x8
  • Three 2x4x8
  • Some scrap plywood or OSB
  • lag screws or strong deck screws
  • Black, red, blue, and green paint

Let’s Build An Axe Throwing Target

Building an ax-throwing target is quite simple if you follow the steps accordingly. We have shared the detailed process in the easiest way possible. Have a look.

  • Take the three boards of two by ten size and cut them in half.
  • Layout the boards in an order where five pieces go on one by one and the last one goes on the top.
  • Cut the plywood or OSB into the shape of the layout.
  • Now mark the top of your vertical boards and add a few screws to secure the top with the help of a drill machine. Make sure you have put enough screws in to secure it to the board.
  • Attach the side supports with heavy-duty screws or construction deck screws.
  • Make a frame with the help of the remaining boards and attach it to the mainboard. And follow the previous method to screw up the whole thing.
  • Now determine the center of the board and make a bullseye with the help of a black marker. (Note: According to the National Axe Throwing Federation, from the floor to the center of the bullseye should be 63 inches.)
  • The diameter of the bullseye should be 7 inches.
  • Then mark the three-point red line with a red marker; the diameter should be 17 inches.
  • And then mark the blue one-point line with the blue marker; the diameter should be 27 inches.
  • Next, draw two clutches with the green marker. The distance between the green marks and the bottom should be 39 inches, and the distance from the inside seams should be 4.25 inches.


Can anyone build a hatchet-throwing board?

This hatchet-throwing target may be a moderately basic construct for those who have sufficient information around the workshop, but may not be specialists. While selecting boards, using wood with the least knots, avoiding darker woods, and the proper wood workshop tools, anyone can build a hatchet-throwing board.

Should you use pressure-treated wood for axe throwing targets?

In harsh weather conditions, pressure-treated wood can withstand the elements. If you want a low-maintenance board, utilizing pressure-treated wood for an ax-throwing target is a good option.

How to take care of the board?

If you want a long-lasting target, spray enough water on the board every day. It will prevent your board from decaying too quickly and allow it to last longer.

How to draw a perfect bullseye?

Mark the center accurately and draw a circle that has a diameter of 7 inches. The center of the bullseye should be 63 inches far from the floor.

After, what interval of time do we have to switch targets?

The correct answer to this question is, it depends on the frequency of the user. Hatchet-throwing targets are not great once they’ve ended up too shattered. When there are shafts to the back of the target, or the hatchet can now not find a hold within the disintegrated board, it is the perfect time to change the targets.

Final Verdict

A lot of people don’t realize that axe throwing is a recognized sport and has its own federation and rules.

Those who are already familiar with the sport or who want to learn it. Must learn how to build a hatchet-throwing target in order to improve their skills.

Though creating a target from scratch may appear complicated, it is simple if you follow the steps. Build your own and practice with your pals now that you know how to do it.

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