How Much Does An Axe Weigh?

How Much Does An Axe Weigh

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Are you one of those weapons enthusiastic? Then we realize your peak curiosity catches axes too.

Nowadays axe users aren’t just specified doing the ancient jobs. It is so much more than that and a hobby to many as a sport.

If you’re one of the people we’re talking about, the leading question in your mind now is how much does an axe weigh?

A regular chopper would weigh 1.25 to 2.25 lbs on average. But there is much more you need to learn. Keep reading!

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How Much Do Axes Weigh?

While cutting, you better need to know the accurate weight of your axe to keep the balance. If you get a regular chopper then you would find it weighing 1.25-2.25 lbs.

More to mention, even a big one might weigh around 2.5 lbs as well. So, it’s pretty clear that different types of axes come with different weights.

Although we’ve summarized an average answer above, we want you to learn the definite answer specified to the kind of your hatchet. What you need is the axe weight chart. So here is the chart of different axe weights.

Name of AxesWeight of The Axes
Gru0.5-1.2 kg
Large1.5-2.5 kg
Tactical0.5 kg
Forest1.1 kg
Small0.6-0.9 kg
Splitting Maul2.7-3.6 kg
Broad1.6 kg
Carpenter’s0.9 kg
Miner’s1.5 kg
Double bit2.2 kg
Hunter0.9 kg
Throwing0.5-1.2 kg
Roofing0.3-0.4 kg
axe weight chart

How Much Does A Battle Axe Weigh?

Image Credit: One lucky guy

Battle axes are among warfare axes. Usually, they weigh over 0.5 to 3 kg. In the history of mankind, this kind of weapon is generally made with their estimation. To give you a fair idea, we can specify the fact that battle axes weigh a lot less than the splitting axes of modern times. 

The difference is that battle axes were meant to be used in combat against humans, not wood or other heavy objects. Another fact was considerable; a lighter weapon is a lot easier to carry to combat than a heavy one. Nowadays, we find battle axes mostly in museums. 

Why Should I Consider The Weight of The Axe While Buying It?

Weight is one of the most essential things to consider while buying an axe. How much force you need to provide totally depends on the weight of the hatchet for the starter. Besides, a heavy one will be able to generate more power while swinging it, bringing it down, and cutting the target. 

But it’s very important that you’re capable of keeping up with the weight of the axe that you’re choosing. In order to keep the axe in control, the head of the axe cannot be too heavy. A heavy head won’t let you focus on the aim properly, and you’ll end up being tired after a few swings. 

There are plenty of axes available at the stores with different weights. The best option is to go with one that is between 4 to 6 pounds unless you have anything specific to do with it, like competitions.

That would be your perfect pick, even if you’re intending on starting an axe weight workout. Must take the help of the store owner or an expert while getting the axe. 

How Heavy Is A Tree Axe?

Image: YouTube

The tree axes’ average weight would be 1-1.5 kg, which isn’t particularly hefty. However, they must keep track of several details, such as the user’s height. Generally, we find the handle 55 to 65 cm long. But the axe handle length for height is indefinite.

You’ll need to specify the handle length depending on your height. That’s when the average axe head weight to handle length ratio differs from being a definite answer. Depending on the user’s height, the length of the handle makes a significant difference in the average size and weight in most situations.

How Much Should A Splitting Axe Weigh?

Image Credit: andy_carter

The average Splitting Axe Weight is between 3 to 6 pounds. A splitting axe is meant to split the grain of the wood. So, when it swings in the air, it is needed to create more force to impact the wood splitting

The heavier the splitting axe, the better it will work on more challenging timber. Carrying the splitting chopper totally relies on you. If you’re sure that you can handle the weight of a splitting axe weighing 6 pounds then surely pick that one. Otherwise, get a splitting chopper that weighs not more than 3 pounds.


1. How much does a wood axe weigh?

Wood axes are of many kinds, actually. While a splitting axe would weigh 3-6 pounds, mauls and others can weigh over 8 pounds. So, the answer depends on what actions you’re planning to do with that wood axe and which type. 

2. How much does the average axe head weigh?

An average estimation says an axe head would weigh 2.5 lb. But there are many kinds of axes available. Usually, the medium-sized axe head weighs that much and splitting axes, or other wood chopper heads might weigh more. 

3. How much would a big axe weigh?

A giant axe should weigh between 2.25 and 2.75 pounds with a 25 inches long handle. Weighing less might not meet your requirements that can be done with a big axe.


In the end, to answer the question of how heavy are axes, you need to look for information about the axe itself. Different axes weigh different amounts based on their manufacturers and materials.

What’s more, the weight of the axe depends on whether it is needed for camping, hiking, survival purposes, or some other reason. If you haven’t specified what you’re going to do with the axe, get one that weighs between 1 to 1.25 kg because that’s the standard pick.

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