How Long Is An Axe Handle (Know The Proper Measurement)

How Long Is An Axe Handle

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Usually, people give priority to the axe as a tool. But an axe does not define only its blade, and the handle is also part of the axe. In the case of the axe handle necessity, the length of the axe is an important aspect.

Some woodcutters or lumberjacks may have no idea how long an axe handle is or should be. An axe handle can come in different lengths, but the ideal handle length for a 3 to 6-pound axe is 32–36 inches.

There is a popular concept about axe handles:

A long handle of an axe is always better, but the truth is, a shorter handle is the best for wood cutting. A common concept about axe handles is if an axe has a longer handle, the user may grab the handle tightly and provide more force.

But actually, a longer handle cannot balance the bit of wood. In this case, applying extra force cannot help the lumberjack at all. To cut a block of wood properly, force and accuracy should be balanced. And that balance can be created by using a shorter axe handle. 

An axe handle is mainly measured from the edge of the top to the bottom of the knob, but sometimes it can be different. The two most common types of well-handled axes in the category are the boy’s axe and the full-sized axe. The common size for a full-sized axe is 36 inches, but sometimes some people may find it too long.

As a result, for every logger, the average length of the axe is 31 inches. 

Though full-sized axes contain larger handles, people still prefer this axe because of its good historical background. In the cases of cutting split firewood, woodcutting competitions, or heavy forest work, a short-handled boy’s axe could provide better service.

Because its 28-inch handles are perfect for different heights of people, and the specialty of a short-handed boy’s axe is that it can be both single-bit and double-bit

Requirements for the Axe Handle Length

The basic thought about axes is that they mainly help cut down trees. But the variety of wood-cutting processes requires different measurements of the axe handle. So, choosing an axe handle can be tricky sometimes. 

Requirement 1- Cutting a Massive Tree

Credit: friedrich_der_fuchs / Instagram

In the case of failing a huge tree, a curved axe handle is always required. The axe’s weight should be 3 lbs. The handle length should be 36 inches. But this can be varied with the height of the lumberjack as well.

A 5′ 10′′ lumberjack, for example, may struggle with a long-handled axe designed for a 6′ 5′′ lumberjack. As a result, the lumber should select an axe handle that is comfortable for them.

Requirement 2- Camping Bushes

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To cut bushes, a razor-sharp axe with a light-handled axe is considerable. A 2-pound axe with a 24-inch handle is perfect for bushes and camping. As a result of chopping bushes, though some camp hatches come with a 14-inch handle, they are not very productive in the case of chopping and bucking.

Requirement 3- Log Splitting

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Splitting a log requires a 6 lb. splitting axe with 36-inch handles. But still, the height of the lumber is required. 

Requirement 4- Limbing


Limbing means removing branches from the tree trunk. A shorter handle is needed to do this task because of the branches’ horizontal position. A 3lb head with a 28-inch handle is required.

The Axe Head Weight and the Handle Length

There is no fixed ratio between the axe head and the handle. But users found a basic ratio between them. But to follow them all the way through is not possible. A 1.5-pound axe, for example, necessitates a 15-inch handle.

On the other hand, a 2.4-lb axe requires a 24-inch handle and a 3.2-lb handle for a 32-inch handle. Sometimes 32 vs 36-inch axe handle creates a little confusion.

These measurements are usually for boys’ axes, but in the case of large-sized axes, the ratio could be different because, for a 5 lb. axe, the haft should be 50 inches long, which is not possible. So, in this case, 30 inches handle is the best option.

For shorter differences in blade weight, the handle may not differ much because axe handles thickness effect only large differences between the blade and the handle length.


What is the length of a hewing axe handle?

In Europe, the preferable hewing axe handle is four feet, but in North America, the desirable handle length is 15 inches.

How long is a double-bladed axe handle?

A double-bladed axe handle should be 28 to 42 inches. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, an axe handle length mainly depends on a person’s preference but to get better service to short axe is the best option. But if, in any case, your axe length becomes inappropriate with the axe blade, then replace the axe handle.

So, drop your concern about how long is an axe handle.

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