10 Best Wood for Axe Handles in 2023

Best Wood for Axe Handles

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You need the axe handles for more efficient and convenient work. However, choosing the suitable wood for the ax handle isn’t that simple, as they’re more than just wood materials that you need to consider.

The type of wood matters, especially when you want your axe to perform well and have more durability for the task. However, this can only be possible when you know the right wood to choose for your wood handle.

So, to help you get the best deal at the most affordable prices, our experts have shortlisted the top 10 best axe handles with high-quality features, convenience, and durability.

Therefore, read till the very end to find the best wood for your axe handle.

Our top 3 picks:

TRUPER MG-HM-30 Replacement Handle

Ames 2024000 Replacement Wood Scout/Hunter’s Axe Handle

V & B-Boy Scout Axe Handle

What is the Best Wood for an Axe Handle?

In this section, we will discuss the top 10 best wood for ax and give you an in-depth explanation of each of these products. 

1. TRUPER MG-HM-30 Replacement Handle

TRUPER MG-HM-30 Replacement Handle

Brand: Truper | Weight: 1.48 Pounds | Made: American Hickory

Truger MG-HM 30 comprises a durable and industrial standard hickory wooden handle for axes. This axe ensures a proper and tight grip on the handle for logging or other heavy-duty uses.

This long handle comes with a natural finish that gives an overall aesthetic look to your ax. The lightweight and the ease of use of this handle make it a special one, and the fact that it comes with two wedges for extra protection.

In short, this ax handle is an amazing product to work with due to its amazing convenience and overall quality. 


  • The handle is pretty robust and can easily take on heavy-duty tasks
  • Known for being shock-absorbent and long-lasting
  • The handle has a smooth finish that gives an aesthetic look
  • It’s pretty safe and convenient to use 


  • Without maintenance, the surface could eventually become slippery


The material used in making this handle is well worth the price. Moreover, the natural and smooth finish on it provides an astounding look only when properly maintained.

2. Ames 2024000 Replacement Wood Scout/Hunter’s Axe Handle

Ames 2024000 Replacement Wood Scout/Hunter's Axe Handle

Brand: AMES | Weight: 7.4 ounces | Made: American Hickory

The Amex 2024000 Replacement handle is unique as it is suitable for wood scouts, hunters, and campers alike. It is made of a hardwood handle and a lengthy 14-inch body. 

With the shafts provided for snug and tight grip and being made of hardwood, it absorbs most of the shock. Therefore, it minimizes the chances of any accidents.

This long handle with a smooth surface and a little texture makes it ideal for beginners. The smooth surface and beautiful finish give the axe a classy look. 

Moreover, the longer body creates a distance between the object it is hitting while being safely distant from the person holding on to it. 


  • The long body of the handle maintains distance from the user to prevent any accident
  • Multi-use for wood scouts, hunters, and also campers
  • The lightweight feature makes it easy to carry
  • Minimum pullbacks help the user understand the stance between the object, the handle, and their body


  • The long body may cause difficulty carrying in backpacks


This handle is a powerful and durable one that lasts a long time when used right and is also budget-friendly. Moreover, proper maintenance will keep the varnish of this handle intact. 

3. V & B-Boy Scout Axe Handle

V & B-Boy Scout Axe Handle

Brand: V & B | Weight: 7 ounces | Made: Hickory

Available in multiple sizes and shapes, V & B boy scout axe handle is known for its comfortable and convenient nature. It is a favorite among most campers, made to fit most 1-1/4 lbs and with approximate eye size varying from 1-11/16-inch X 5/8 inches. 

V & B Boy has a long handle made of hickory that is lightweight and good at shock-absorbing. In addition, there are no pullbacks when you use them, and therefore, fewer cramps on your arms and convenient usage. 

Moreover, the wedges that come along with this handle make it secure for beginners to use. Moreover, there are minimum risks of the blade slipping away when in use; thus, the chances of any accidents occurring are slim.  


  • The lightweight handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold onto
  • Wooden and steel wedges make it secure and minimize the risks of slipping away
  • It is a shock-absorbing handle that prevents any pullbacks and keeps the user stable 
  • Grooves on it make it easier to hold on to for prolonged periods


  • Sometimes, this specific model’s built is a little off-center, making it imbalanced and challenging to use


This is a relatively comfortable and convenient axe handle to use if you can overlook minor inconveniences. It does come at pretty reasonably priced, making it worth the price. And with proper maintenance and care, you can have a long-lasting performance. However, it may require frequent cleaning to prevent discoloration.  

4. Brufer 203652 Genuine Hickory

Brufer 203652 Genuine Hickory

Brand: BRUFER | Weight: 8.1 ounces | Made: Hickory

The Brufer 203652 is an ax handle replacement made of hickory wood and fits most types of camp axes. It is a shock-absorbing and durable handle that lasts much longer than most other types of handles would. 

Hickory wood makes it lightweight as well as the proper grooves on the grip make it a favorite among most. Moreover, it’s also pretty easy to carry around for camping or any other outdoor and household needs.

The natural wood finish, color, and texture provide a rustic feel to the touch that most campers and loggers appreciate. It even comes with 2 steel wedges and a wooden one that secures the blade onto it, thus reducing the chances of any accidents. 


  • It comes with a wooden and 2 steel wedges
  • Easy to lift and hold as it’s pretty lightweight
  • The handle is pretty durable and can easily withstand a lot of wear and tear
  • Minimum pullbacks when used, thus, less exhaustion


  • The natural texture and color may fade away from irregular maintenance 


This is a lightweight, and desirable axe for heavy-duty and household uses. Moreover, it’s pretty easy to carry around without much trouble. Although, it may require frequent maintenance to keep the furnish intact.

5. Truper 30818 34488 Hickory Handle

Truper 30818 34488 Hickory Handle

Brand: HORIZON | Weight: 1 pound | Made: Hickory

Available in multiple sizes and lengths, Truper 30818 34488 is a multi-dimensional handle known for its versatility. It is a 35-inch hickory handle made for single-bit hickory axes and many others of similar kinds. 

The availability of various sizes and such a lightweight handle is highly desired whether used for household needs or outdoors. It’s also available for multiple different blades, hatchets, and sledgehammers. 

Its durability, stability, and structural strength are unmatched compared to others. In addition, when striking, this handle provides a natural vibration that doesn’t hurt the hands at all. 


  • It has shock-absorbing features, making it pretty safe and convenient to use 
  • The minimum weight makes it easy to hold on and does not tire you out
  • Available in multiple sizes, hatchets, and sledgehammers for different uses
  • Natural dampening vibration on it makes it a desirable one


  • Prone to chipping without proper care


This handle replacement is a very well-priced item for its value and materials. Moreover, its natural and rustic feel is what most loggers and campers appreciate when using. Its durability and strength are also remarkable, making the price much more worth it. 

6. Truper MG-HC1-1/2 Replacement Wood Handle

Truper MG-HC1-1/2 Replacement Wood Handle

Brand: Truper | Weight: 8.2 ounces | Material: Wood

Truper MG-HC1 is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to hold on to for a prolonged period without causing any cramps or aches.

This is a standard-sized handle that is suitable for any outdoor use, and it is also easy to carry around during camps and hunts and securely stored in a backpack. 

The indentations on the handle provide a friendly, tight, and snug grip, preventing the axe from slipping over. 

As the handle is high-quality wood, the smooth surface prevents any chipping or cracking of the handle. This makes it safe to use without wearing any gloves or protective gear. 


  • The lightweight handle does not tire your arms and is highly comfortable
  • The grooves on the handle provide a perfect and secure grip every time
  • Made with high-quality wood, it is highly resistant to cracks, chips, and shatters
  • Easy to carry around in backpacks for outdoor uses


  • Requires proper and regular cleaning for better appearance


The built quality, materials, and durability make it an ideal choice for logging when used correctly. This incredibly lightweight handle makes it comfortable to hold on to and use for hours. In addition, it has a smooth surface that makes the grip grooves more prominent and provides safety. 

7. True Temper 2036800 Replacement Double Bit Axe Handle

True Temper 2036800 Replacement Double Bit Axe Handle

Brand: True Temper | Weight: 1.38 pounds | Material: Wood | Made: Hickory

True Temper 2036800 is a shock-absorbing, highly comfortable ax handle known and loved by many users. The long handle and lightweight features allow users to conduct different tasks. 

This is a multi-purpose handle that is just long enough to get the branches on the upper layers of the trees. It has a secured shaft with circular grooves to properly place the fingers. Moreover, it ensures a tight grip and prevents the handle from slipping away. 

The lightweight handle is easy to carry around in bags or hang from shoulders without causing any aches. It has a smooth surface and allows you to freely carry out your task. 


  • Lightweight handle that is easy to carry and use
  • This handle is suitable for chopping, trimming, and cutting branches of all types
  • It has a high shock-absorbing ability 
  • Circular grooves on the shaft provide nice and snug placement for the fingers


  • Requires proper and regular maintenance for durability 


This is a well-built and sturdy handle that serves its purpose very well. Its perfectly sized handle is easy to carry around on a shoulder or bag and provides a rustic feel to the touch.

8. Boys Axe Replace Handle 28sb

Boys Axe Replace Handle 28sb

Brand: Temper | Weight: 8.8 ounces | Handle length: 28″ | Made: American Hickory

With a large 28 inches long body, the Boys Axe is a multi-use axe handle compatible with a 2-1/4 lb boys’ axe. It is sturdy, strong, and capable of cutting through a lot of chopping and trimming. 

Made of American hickory, it is a shock-absorbing and durable handle that minimizes the chances of any accidents whatsoever. It’s also easy to hold and carry, making it a pretty convenient choice for many users. 

This handle is sized appropriately to ensure its sturdiness and maintain a safe distance from the object it hits and the body itself. 

The smooth surface on this handle makes it more secure and prevents any pullback that could cause the handle to slip off of hands completely. 


  • The grooves on this provide a sturdy grip that fits snug
  • It’s pretty durable and convenient, ensuring the best performance
  • Being so lightweight, it doesn’t cause cramps on the arms 
  • The overall texture of the handle gives your ax a classy look 


  • Requires frequent maintenance to prevent staining or discoloration


The lightweight handle makes it easier to carry around. Moreover, the multi-purpose uses also serve the user well. The smooth handles make it durable and long-lasting but need frequent cleaning and maintenance.

9. Double Bit Axe Handle

Double Bit Axe Handle

Brand: Temper | Weight: ‎2 pounds | Handle length: 35″ | Made: Hickory | Compatibility: 3 to 5-pound

The Double Bit Axe Handle is crafted of American Hickory and measures 36 inches long. It works with other 3-5 pound double-bit axes, and it is a multi-purpose handle that is adaptable and long-lasting.

This long and lightweight handle is effortless and convenient to carry around during hikes, camps, and logging. Moreover, you can easily carry it on your shoulders or backpack without any fuss. It has little to no pullbacks upon being struck against an object, making it ideal for beginners.

The grooves on it direct the fingers’ placement properly and allow an excellent tight grip. Conveniently fits into a large bag to carry or hang across the body from the shoulder. 


  • The hickory used in the making of this makes it a shock-absorbing and lightweight handle
  • Its handle is known to fit perfectly on the blades (recommended with it)
  • The grooves on the handle make it a secure and safe one to use by anyone
  • Conveniently portable on large bags


  • The grooves require frequent cleaning to keep the shines intact


It is an ideal handle replacement that does not tire you out and is worth the money with proper care. Moreover, regular cleaning of the grooves will prevent them from fading away. 

10. Mintcraft PRO 33527 34493 Hickory Axe Handle

Mintcraft PRO 33527 34493 Hickory Axe Handle

Brand: Mintcraft | Weight: ‎1.6 pounds | Handle length: 35″ | Made: Hickory

The Mintcraft PRO is made of American hickory wood and is highly shock-absorbant. It’s mainly a recommended product for farmers, ranchers, and other heavy-duty professionals.

This large handle may not be ideal for carrying around due to its long body. However, the overall sturdy nature and durability make this an ideal pick for many users. 

The premium quality built on it also makes it easier to hold on to while striking an object. The convenience of lifting it for prolonged hours does not cause any strain, thus, making it an ideal replacement handle


  • The long handle on it makes it safer for beginners to use
  • Hickory is a strong and sturdy material; thus, minimum pullbacks 
  • It’s pretty lightweight, making it a convenient handle to hold and use
  • Premium feel to the touch makes it more desirable


  • May cause discoloration with excessive usage


This long Mintcraft handle is ideal for both beginners and professionals. The handle’s lightweight and premium smooth touch does not tire out the arms. However, in case of receiving an off-centered wedge, shave down a little to fit snugly and perfectly.

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Choosing the best axe handles can be challenging for many, especially if you don’t have the proper guidelines. So, to aid you with all the important issues, our experts have shortlisted the things you need to look after before buying axe handles.

Wood Durability

Wood durability is a significant factor that you need to look after while choosing the best ax handles. The more durable the wood is, the higher the chances that you can effortlessly perform heavy-duty work. High-quality and robust wood can withstand wear and tear and still give you the best services. 

So, whatever kind of wood you pick for your axe handle, ensure that the wood material is high quality and can flawlessly execute all types of heavy-duty tasks. 

Wood Handle Size

The wood handle size also plays an essential role while efficiently operating your axe. You will find more convenience in working when your wood handle has a perfect length, width, and height.

However, there’re no specific numbers or dimensions that can ensure you the best handle fit. It entirely varies from ax model to the other. 

Wood Material

The wood materials also need to be determined accordingly. Woods that are more robust, easy to handle, and high quality can make your task simple and less stressful. 

For instance, the ironwood axe handle and oak axe handle are ideal wood material choices since these materials can withstand wear and tear and are pretty durable. 

Even hickory wood for ax handles can also be your primary pick as this wood material is pretty sleek and can make your work more convenient. 


Woods that are long-lasting and doesn’t require much maintenance can be an ideal pick for you. Choose those wood handles that are easy to clean and don’t require regular maintenance. Such wood material property will make your tasks less stressful and more efficient. 


Is teak wood good for axe handles?

No, teak wood is not ideal for axe handles as it requires regular cleaning and maintenance; otherwise, it’ll start to crack and shrink with time. However, this can indeed be an outstanding choice for a kitchen knife handle. 

What is the best material for an axe?

To date, the best axe material is hickory or ash. This material is well-known for its excellent shock-absorbing properties and ease of usage, and it also gives your axe a beautiful texture.

Is Mahogany good for ax handles?

No, Mahogany is not a suitable material for axe handles as these are comparatively more brittle than ash or hickory, making it less durable. However, this wood material does give your axe a classy and aesthetic look that no other wood materials can!

Bottom Line

So, after going through this review, you should now have a clear understanding of the best wood for ax handles that you can indeed pick.

However, Truger MG-HM 30 Axe Handle is our expert’s recommended axe handle, as it’s comparatively more durable than any other axe handle on the market. You also won’t have to face issues with the convenience as it’s pretty simple to handle and doesn’t require consistent maintenance and cleaning.

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