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Axe throwing is an increasingly popular activity. It is a great way to chill out, hone your archery skills, and have fun with friends. And while they can be used for serious competitions and practice, they’re primarily meant as recreational tools that let you have fun in the woods or your backyard.

Since axe throwing is a unique skill, it can be intimidating if you don’t know which axe is best to start and what safety rules are necessary to avoid uncertain danger.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a new way to blow off steam or just need something to do, that’s both exciting and challenging; the throwing axe might be a perfect choice. But when choosing throwing axes, it’s challenging to know which one is right.

That’s why we’ve put the 10 best throwing axes of today’s market together in this article detailing their specific features, advantages, and drawbacks.

ESTWING Sportsman's Axe- E14A Camping Hatchet

CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Outdoor Camping Axe

CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk Forged Carbon Steel Blade Axe

What Are The Rules For Axe Throwing?

Here are some rules for axe throwing: 

Choose the Right Type of Axe

At first, it might seem like all axes are created equal. But when you’re beginning your journey as an axe thrower, choosing the right type of axe can make a big difference in your success rate and enjoyment level. Different axes have different weights, lengths, and shapes, which affect how they fly through the air and land on the target. 

Find an Axe Throwing Venue

Axe throwing needs space – not just physical space to throw the axes, but mental space to focus on your technique and hone your skills. Fortunately, there are more and more axe-throwing venues popping up worldwide, so finding one near you shouldn’t be hard. Look around for places with friendly staff knowledgeable about proper safety protocols and hands-on instruction when needed. 

Get Familiar with Safety Regulations

Safety should always be at the forefront before considering axe throwing as a hobby or competitive sport since exercisers must adhere to strict safety guidelines while practicing their craft. Always ensure that no one throws in front of another person once they’ve started their throw, and never walk in front of someone’s line of sight when throwing an axe. 

Find an Instructor or Mentor

Having someone experienced to show you the ropes is invaluable when learning any new activity – especially one that involves sharp axe whizzing through the air! Look into finding local instructors who can provide tips on technique and proper form, even if it’s just once in a while – getting feedback from a pro will help shave months off the learning curve while increasing accuracy, speed, and enjoyment! 

Practice Proper from Day One

It’s important to ensure your stance is correct from day one if you want to maximize performance – after all, bad habits can be difficult to break down the road! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing slightly sideways toward your target, then grip your handle firmly but not too tightly, as over-gripping could cause fatigue over time.

10 Best Throwing Axe Review

I’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Throwing Axe, complete with details on each one and a summary of why its users rate it so highly. Check to see which of these axes best suits you.

1. ESTWING Sportsman’s Axe- E14A Camping Hatchet

ESTWING Sportsman's Axe- E14A Camping Hatchet

The Estwing Sportsman Axe is an excellent pick-up-and-go axe. It’s easy to transport, cheap, and useful for various minor jobs. This axe is truly unique, with its polished head and neck setting it apart from the rest.


The head of the axe is where all of the action takes place. This axe head’s one-piece structure and high-quality stainless steel combine to deliver a crushing blow with every swing. It is ideal for cutting logs, chopping firewood and kindling, and cutting branches from small trees.

It measures just 12 inches in length. The nylon sheath included with the Estwing Sportsman’s Axe is top-notch. It consists of a belt connection point and secures around the wearer’s head completely.

Also, this product’s broad leather grip and simple, stainless-steel construction make it ideal for the budget-conscious.


This axe’s handle is unlike anything other on the market today because of the way this is designed. The handle of the Estwing Sportsman Axe is not made of hickory or a composite material like fiberglass like the handles of other axes; rather, it is made of stainless steel, which provides both durability and comfort.

What do we like about this product?

As it is made entirely of one piece of metal, this axe does not affect the user’s wrists or elbows. The substantial leather grip allows for a slimmer stainless-steel handle. This increases the handle’s toughness without adding to its weight or cost.

What do we not like about this product?

The axe becomes too flimsy to handle heavier tasks properly.

2. CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Outdoor Camping Axe

CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Outdoor Camping Axe

This CRKT axe is excellent for balancing a hawk’s convenience and power when working in the woods. The blade of this axe is substantial enough to cut through even the thickest of trees, branches, and limbs.


This tool’s cutting edge is 3.5 inches long, and the head is 8 inches wide; 1055 carbon steel is used in its construction. The precise blade curve of this axe allows for deeper bites into hardwoods. A leather sheath protects the sharp edge of this Tomahawk axe.

Its excellent head gives the Chogan T-Hawk a vintage feel. The stable head and razor-sharp blade are great for cutting through anything, not just the tough stuff you’ll encounter when camping.

Again, the hawk can utilize them with one hand and little effort at age 57 because of their balanced design. These falcons are dependable and low-maintenance. Also, it is competitive and requires little upkeep.


The sturdy hickory used to craft the handle comes from Tennessee in the United States. It has a lacquer coating that protects it from the elements and makes it easy to hold and use anytime you’re out in the wilderness. Snag the Woods Chogan T-Hawk and make quick work of a cord’s worth of timber.

What do we like about this product?

Its cutting surface and hammer pull are both practical and efficient, which speeds up the procedure. Though not novel in any way, it seems to be robustly constructed for demanding tasks. It’s portable enough for day hikes but sturdy enough to double as a firewood processor. This is not just a tomahawk for throwing; it can also be used to split wood and pound into tent stakes.

What we do not like about this product?

This one is a bit pricier than other throwing axes on the market.

3. CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk Forged Carbon Steel Blade Axe

CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk Forged Carbon Steel Blade Axe

This CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe is the best axe for camp use. The hickory handle and hot forged blade of this two-handed camp axe will come in handy while roughing it in the wilderness.


This is a preferable axe for novices who will be doing most of their tossing outside rather than in. It has the weight to handle any project, whether a wood fire or a log home.

However, this saw’s primary and secondary angles are flat ground, so the blade can slice through wood like a beaver. Also, the blade of this axe is composed of 1055 carbon steel that has been hot forged for maximum strength and ease of sharpening.

This axe has three distinct variations: one with a spiked blade, another with a hammerhead, and still another with a smooth blade.


This axe’s larger grip makes it more comfortable, while the smaller blade allows one to increase overall accuracy. Made in the USA, the axe’s hickory handle is built to last. Its designer, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, also contributed to the axe’s overall quality.

What do we like about this product?

This throwing knife has a more accurate blade curvature, making it more suited for deeper bites into hardwood. The primary characteristics and careful engineering give it a more stable swing. This axe has a comfortable grip, so users won’t get tired of chopping up logs for the fireplace.

What we do not like about this product?

This axe is longer and heavier than most others on the market. Additionally, it is limited to users in the great outdoors.

4. SOG FastHawk Polished Tomahawk Throwing Hatchet

SOG FastHawk Polished Tomahawk Throwing Hatchet

The SOG Survival Tomahawk is an excellent choice if you need a throwing axe that is both tough and compact. This great all-around camping, chopping, hiking, and survival throwing axe.


This lightweight and portable axe is effective for throwing and serves several purposes, as it features a hammer and a spike for piecing on the opposite side of the blade edge. Featuring a 420 stainless steel blade that is 2 inches in length and satin polished, this axe’s blade is both reliable and attractive.

It comes pre-honed and ready to cut straight out of the box. You can immediately begin practicing throws by establishing a target in your backyard. In addition to being perfectly balanced, the grips on these axes are second to none. 


This axe is likewise one-piece construction, with a Glass-Reinforced Nylon straight handle and an extremely thin head tipped with a long spike. The grip can be removed if you prefer a different style of holding.

What do we like about this product?

A ballistic nylon sheath is included with the set to protect the axes while they are not in use, and each axe has its slot. Because of their convenient sheath, these axes can go everywhere.

What we do not like about this product?

It’s more suited for usage in the great outdoors than on the inside. Not only that, but its blades are noticeably smaller than those of comparable products.

5. Cold Steel 90TH Trail Hawk, American Hickory Handle

Cold Steel 90TH Trail Hawk, American Hickory Handle

This Cold Steel axe is perfect if you can step up to the competition-level throwing axes. The axe head and balance are optimized for professional axe throwers, making them suitable for usage in both indoor and outdoor settings.


The axe’s head and blade are made from 1055 carbon, providing more longevity and a sharper edge. The blade is large enough to do simple tasks, such as climbing small logs for a fire, removing undergrowth, and splitting small logs for kindling.

This axe has dimensions of 16 by 4 by 2 inches, making it suitable for use in throwing contests. Because this axe weighs next to nothing, making it easy to stow away in a belt pouch or attach to a pack or shooting bag.

However, the versatility and durability of this Cold Steel throwing axe have made it a favorite among survivalists, preppers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


Beautifully traditional in design, the handle is crafted from wood. One of its primary advantages is that this hickory handle is easily interchangeable.

What do we like about this product?

In addition to being a formidable chopper, it also features a usable hammer pool and a reinforced face for easily pounding in nails and stakes. 

The axe’s modest weight of more than a pound makes it simple to hold and even simpler to learn how to throw.

Also, this axe has a more reasonable price than others available, yet it has the same cutting-edge characteristics.

What we do not like about this product?

To put it bluntly, it’s more suited for competition than for first-time users.

6. Iunio Survival Camping Hatchet with Sheath

Iunio Survival Camping Hatchet with Sheath

The versatile qualities of this Iunio Survival Axe make it one of the best-throwing axe on this list. This is an essential item for your survival kit or to keep on hand in your car for use in an emergency.


The alloy steel used in the axe’s head is a consistent gloss black, and the blade is similarly constructed. The axe’s tang is fastened to the axe head with two large bolts, ensuring the blade will never come loose.

Because of its extension features, this axe is far more versatile than your standard multitool. One of the many included extras with the “IUNIO” is a robust knife extender.

This axe can be made at full size at either 16 inches or a lesser length. It is entirely up to you to decide. It also includes a compass in case you need it. If you’re heading into the woods with only a few essentials, this axe and its accessories are the items you won’t want to leave behind.


This axe’s handle is more fashionable than other rounds, gloss black handles. The fish scaling tool/knife and fire starter/emergency whistle are attached to the extension handle via a screwed interior compartment. As well, the handles include knurling to make them easier to hold

What do we like about this product?

This axe is just the right weight, being neither too light nor too hefty. Despite being partially built for its shorter length, it still feels good in the hand.

Additionally, this camping axe has a sheath for safekeeping and a camouflage covering. This protects the knife’s blade from harm. There is also a camouflage covering available. It’s not just for show; the wrap improves the user’s grip and provides cushioning for their hands.

What we do not like about this product?

This axe is not too sharp, so this one isn’t the best choice for novices. 

7. WATL World Axe Throwing League Premium Competition Thrower

World Axe Throwing League Premium Competition Thrower

The World Axe Throwing League Premium Competition Thrower is the perfect axe if you’re looking to take your axe-throwing to the next level of competition.


This Premium Competition Thrower axe stands out because of its manageable size, making it perfect for first-timers. This axe has a total weight of 2.22 lb, the result of a head that weighs 1.65 lb.

Also, its thin, pointy head makes it possible to fly through the air with grace and firmly grasp whatever it’s aimed at rather than ricochet harmlessly off.

Lastly, this Competition Thrower is the perfect option for you if you are just beginning out in the sport of axe throwing since it is made to look very similar to the actual axe that you will be using in the competition.


The 16-inch length and balanced weight of this American hickory handle are excellent. Additionally, the design of this axe with a longer-than-usual handle so that it can be shortened to the desired length.

What do we like about this product?

The primary characteristic that distinguishes this blade from others is its curvature; this is the conventional shape for throwers who are intermediate to advance in skill level. The fact that this axe has earned the WALT certification suggests that it is more durable than other versions currently on the market.

What we do not like about this product?

There is not a sharpening stone included with the purchase of this axe.

8. SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini F182N-CP Throwing Hatchet

SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini F182N-CP Throwing Hatchet

In the upcoming axe throwing competition, the Voodoo Hawk throwing axe is going to be your best bet for victory. This is a superb survival Hatchet and a suitable alternative for use as either a chopping axe or a hiking axe because of its lightweight design and its high level of durability.


The “VooDoo Hawk” is a magical Hatchet in terms of its throwing strength and various survival-related benefits. In addition to the blade, it features a hammered edge along its length. The “Rockwell Scale” indicates that the head’s hardness is between RC. 46 and RC. 52, and the head is constructed of stainless steel.

Throwing the SOG Voodoo Hawk Throwing Axe feels natural and proper. Because of its well-balanced design, even inexperienced users will find this axe manageable. However, this Voodoo Hawk has a much more powerful and accurate swing than a regular throwing axe.


The handle of this miniature tomahawk stands out in unique qualities. It is the best item to use throughout the year since it is resistant to extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures.

What do we like about this product?

This axe is the ideal size and shape for throwing, and they are well-balanced. This throwing axe comes with a ballistic nylon sheath for easy carrying and deployment in an emergency, whether camping or trekking. First, given the price, it’s pretty good gear.

What we do not like about this product?

The blade’s length is too short for cutting firewood, building a shelter, or survival chores.

9. ESTWING Double Bit Axe, with Forged Steel Construction

ESTWING Double Bit Axe, with Forged Steel Construction

If you’re interested in taking your axe-throwing to a more competitive level, you can check out this new model. You can use it to do various outdoor chores, including cutting logs, splitting firewood, and making kindling.


An Estwing axe’s hand-polished head and neck set it apart from the competition. Drop-forged and hardened, this axe is one of the strongest and longest-lasting camping equipment.

Unlike other throwing axes, this one has a double-sided head, increasing the axe’s chances of sticking the target and getting the axe to stick.

This axe has a tough nylon sheath to conceal and protect the knife’s blade. Additionally, the shock absorption grip lessens vibration by as much as 70%, making this instrument extremely pleasant to work with. Although it is constructed of steel, its forged carbon construction makes it a lightweight option.


This axe has a metal handle with a unique grip designed to reduce shock and make wood splitting and other outdoor tasks easier to manage.

What do we like about this product?

Since it’s crafted by hand and out of American Hickory, one has a lot of control and won’t break easily. Its high level of accuracy makes it a good example from which to build skills. Also, the Estwing “Double Bit Axe” is built in the USA and includes a lifetime guarantee.

What we do not like about this product?

It’s heavier and not WALT-approved compared to other standard axes on the market.

10. World Axe Throwing League Premium Competition Throwing Axe

World Axe Throwing League Premium Competition Throwing Axe

The World Axe Throwing League Premium Competition Thrower is another best option due to its adaptability.


The Competition Thrower is tough enough to withstand repeated use and abuse while throwing its edge sharp for effortless hurling. This throwing axe has a head weight of 1.65 lb and a total weight of 2.22 lb.

The head of this throwing axe is exceptionally narrow and pointed, making it glide gracefully through the air and catch on the target rather than bounce off, as can happen with a lesser-quality axe.

Again, the ultra-thin blade profiles of this axe ensure that it will always remain firmly affixed to the board. The usual purpose of an axe is to split wood, but this one was designed specifically to stay put on planks.


This axe’s 17-inch handle is the maximum length, allowing throwers to customize their throwing ability based on their stature and technique.

What do we like about this product?

The flat blade can cover more ground, which is useful for more experienced throwers. The fact that this axe may be modified to suit the requirements of the user and that it can be used with relative ease by inexperienced individuals both add to its appeal. Furthermore, this axe is both long-lasting and reasonably priced.

What we do not like about this product?

This axe seems a little heavy and has a slick grip, so you need to alter your posture.

What things should you consider when choosing a throwing axe?

Choosing the right axe determines the effectiveness of the hit and your safety. A Throwing axe should be durable and high-quality so that the design and materials correspond to the performance of specific tasks. Otherwise, you may get hurt if it breaks while you start using it.

Therefore, for a throwing competition, it’s good to choose an axe designed for throwing that will not break within a short time. To avoid an unsuccessful purchase, you should accustom yourself to the following parameters.

Blade material

Initially, it was made of stone, but it was replaced by metal like copper, iron, and carbon still. Today, in most cases, the tomahawk blade is made of carbon steel. Its hardness is 50-57 HRc on the Rockwell scale.

Handle material

The handle is an integral part of the throwing axe, which accounts for the applied force when striking. Therefore, it must be strong. Traditionally, deciduous tree species resistant to rot and deformation are used. However, solid and safe artificial materials, such as polymers, are increasingly being used.


The head and handle must be firmly connected. The main thing is that the first of them does not fly off the ax handle. It is dangerous. When buying, you need to check for the presence/absence of backlash between these two parts.

Size and weight

For making the operation of a throwing axe convenient, it is recommended to choose a medium-sized copy: too large will be difficult to move, and a small one will not be suitable for throwing. In addition, you must balance the weight of the head and axe handle. It will ensure easy operation.


Due to its lightness, a traditional axe for everyday tasks can have an ordinary wooden handle. But the tactical or throwing one should have an ax handle covered with anti-slip material, regardless of weather conditions (rain, snow) and sweating hands.

Added features

The tail of the axe can be ordinary flat or pointed like a pickaxe or a claw hammer. These functions can be used in combat, in situations of self-defense, and in overcoming obstacles.


Can you use any axe for throwing?

No, the only axes safe for throwing are those designed for that purpose. Never attempt to throw a splitting axe or hatchet, as they were not made for such a purpose, but rather a throwing axe. Throwing an ordinary axe or hatchet may be extremely risky and unexpected because they are bulkier than throwing axes.

What size of the handle should a throwing AXE be?

The length of the handle can’t be more than 17 inches and should be at least 13. The length of an axe is calculated by equating the distance between the ground and the tip of the tool’s head. The axe’s head needs to weigh between 1.25 and 1.75 pounds.

Do throwing axes need to be sharp?

Yes, you should probably start with a finely honed axe. Greater precision is always preferable. Using less effort to drive the axe into the boards with greater precision is significantly safer than using a dull one.

How long should a throwing axe be?

A handle 17 inches long is an excellent starting point since you can adjust it to the perfect length for your throwing technique. The more you are from the target when you throw anything with a longer handle, the more rotations it will take to get the object to the target.

Are you able to throw an axe with just one hand?

Yes, you can use one hand to throw an axe. As you acquire skill, you can convert to one-handed throwing. When throwing an axe with one hand, stride forward with the opposing leg. Once you’ve mastered throwing, try different distances until you can strike the target.

Final Verdict

Above, you can find a list of the 10 best throwing axes. To guarantee an enjoyable and risk-free axe-throwing experience, always inspect your equipment before each use.

Axes designed for throwing competitions, such as the WATL Premium Competition Thrower, are perfect for a novice. Also, if you want an axe for the majority of survival circumstances, the Iunio Survival Axe is your best option.

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