6 Best Oil For Axe Head And Handle In 2023

Axe Head and Handle Oil

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Here are the best trending oils for axe head and handle that you should consider buying.

Wooden tools that come with metals last long for sure, but they can also wear out with cracks and rust if not maintained properly.

Poor tool storage conditions can also make tools lose quality with time. For such issues, oiling tools like axes is the best way. Oiling axes help the axe head and handle resist rust, wood cracking, and even shrinking. 

Finding the best oil for the axe head and handle can be overwhelming. Therefore, we have compiled reviews of the six best oils available.

Best Overall

Boiled Linseed Wood Oil from Furniture Clinic

Best Premium

Sunnyside Corporation Gallon Linseed Boiled Oil

Best Quality Coating

Sunnyside Corporation Quart Linseed Boiled Oil

What is the Best Oil for Axe Head and Handle?

So, according to us, the Boiled Linseed Wood Oil from Furniture Clinic is the best pick for some obvious reasons. It goes easily with most axe handles and dries super quickly. Plus, the price is affordable too.

6 Best Oil for Axe Head and Handle

Whenever there is a tiny crack in an axe handle, it starts to break with time. Therefore, it is vital to oil the ax head and wooden handle every year to keep them at their best.

Take a look at our insightful reviews below to know about the best axe head and handle oil you can consider using.

1. Best Overall: Boiled Linseed Wood Oil from Furniture Clinic

Manufacturer: Furniture Clinic | Weight: 8.7 ounces | Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.25 x 6 inches | Color: Brown | Volume: 0.25 Liters

Boiled Linseed Wood Oil from Furniture Clinic

We have none other than the Boiled Linseed Wood Oil from the Furniture Clinic for our topper on the list. This wood oil has stood out to us with the premium quality contents of its oil and its impressive glossy coating.

The exceptionally amazing varnish of this linseed oil will make the roughest of wood surfaces look glazing good. Additionally, as the oil has been through hot air treatment, it only takes some minutes to dry up. 

However, instant drying does not compromise its coating quality at all! The coating you receive afterward will only cover your axe handle with a hard yet glossy finishing.

For application, you can not only apply the oil on handles made from any wood like old wood, dry wood, or other shrunk/cracked wood, but you can also use it on other surfaces like concrete, stone, or even terracotta surfaces. The oil will coat the surfaces with a rigid coating and seal the pre-existent cracks. Oiling wooden handles of axes protect them from further cracking as well.

On top, this linseed wood oil from Furniture Clinic has also received the Good Housekeeping Seal tag for its outstanding features; it is a prestigious label that only suitable products get for the great convenience it offers.

The aesthetically pleasing polish it offers to your axe handles is nothing but a cherry on top of this wood oil!

Why We Love It

  • Has certification from Good Housekeeping Seal 
  • Glossy finish protects wood and fixes cracks
  • Oil can be applied to most types of wooden handles
  • Hot air treatment of oil offers quick dry-up

Reason To Avoid

  • It does not work well on oak wood handles


The Linseed Boiled Wood Oil from the Furniture Clinic is one of the best oil for wooden handles. It has held its quality in terms of versatility, convenience, and style!

2. Best Premium: Sunnyside Corporation Gallon Linseed Boiled Oil

Brand: Sunnyside Corporation | Weight: 8.25 pounds | Dimensions: ‎4.15 x 6.64 x 10.32 inches | Volume: 1 Gallons

Sunnyside Corporation Gallon Linseed Boiled Oil

If you have been planning to varnish up that one axe handle that is dear to you but has also become too old to use, our second choice might be your perfect linseed oil for ax head!

This quality linseed oil provides fresh new varnishing to painted surfaces or oil-painted coatings. The oil works just fine on vintage wooden handles as well. 

Moreover, after applying this oil to wood, you will notice how it looks just as new as the texture and tones reappear. Thanks to the outstanding content of this linseed-boiled oil, it can bring out the oldest grain patterns that wooden objects lose over time.

In terms of durability, this oil from Sunnyside Corporation makes sure to penetrate the wooden surface in a way that only leaves it looking glossy while extending its lasting span. 

Even though this oil best works on surfaces previously painted with oil paints, it can also provide excellent protection against scratches and cracks and seal other painted-wooden surfaces.

Sunnyside Corporation designed this oil to dry up quickly after a coat and give wooden handles the looks they deserve. This linseed oil has significantly stood out to us because of the smooth and glossy finish, which only enhances the visuals even more!

Why We Like It

  • 100% pure linseed oil
  • Dries faster due to being treated with hot air
  • It makes old wood look like new as it brings up original grain patterns
  • The hard coating offers a glossy look and makes wood durable

Reason To Avoid

  • It might not give out the best results on all wood types


This multi-purpose wood finish from Sunnyside corporation is a must-have for people who are not only planning to oil up axe handles and also plan to use it on old paintings, scratches, and wood sealing purposes. As for the looks, this boiled linseed oil will make wonders.

3. Best Quality Coating: Sunnyside Corporation Quart Linseed Boiled Oil

Brand: Sunnyside Corporation | Weight: ‎2.2 pounds | Dimensions: ‎2.39 x 4.59 x 7.44 inches | Color: Boiled Linseed

Sunnyside Corporation Quart Linseed Boiled Oil

For our third pick, we have another oil from Sunnyside Corporation. However, the company made the same oil in a smaller size with a quart of linseed oil, unlike our second pick, which comes in a gallon.

This high-quality linseed oil gives rusted paints or oil-painted finishes a new coat of varnish. The polished finish also works beautifully on antique wooden handles. 

Furthermore, after using this oil on woodwork, you will notice that it starts to look as if it’s brand new with the previous grain and colors reappearing. This is because this linseed boiling oil’s exceptional density can pull out the older grain textures that wear out from wood over time.

For its strength, this lubricant from Sunnyside Corporation ensures that it penetrates the hardwood surface to its maximum potential, enabling a glossier finish and better durability. In addition, the oil is also most likely to dry up pretty quickly according to the temperature it has been applied in.

When using this oil, you must apply it on wooden surfaces that are not fully finished and have room for more lubrication and treatment. This linseed oil from Sunnyside comes in a smaller bottle with less volume of oil; thereby, you can always carry it around if you are planning to get some axe handle treatment done on a trip.

Why We Like It

  • Great penetrating power of oil helps in making a smooth coat
  • Dries up quickly
  • High-quality glossy finish
  • Made with genuine linseed oil

Reason To Avoid

  • Not suitable for all wood types


The Sunnyside Quart Boiled Linseed Oil is an oil that will give any wooden object, whether your axe handle or other accessories, a uniform finish that looks glossy. With a premium quality finish like this, old or cracked wood would not look so old anymore.

4. Best Durability: Axe Guard Protective Head Oil from Helko Werk Germany

Manufacturer: Helko Werk Germany | Weight: ‎8.6 ounces | Dimensions: ‎6.61 x 4.25 x 2.13 inches | Volume: 4 fl oz

Axe Guard Protective Head Oil from Helko Werk Germany

Next, we have a premium protective axe head oil from Helko Werk Germany. The brand has earned its reputation in the tools industry because of its fantastic manufacture of product parts both in the US and Germany. 

For starters, the Axe Guard oil from Helko Werk Germany has a consistency like olive oil and is 100% odorless. 

Furthermore, this chemical oil has a comparatively lower density and thus, can penetrate intricate metal surfaces. As the oil spreads quickly with its lightweight texture, the metal of your ax head will be able to get lubricated uniformly.

Moreover, the oil helps clean out any unwanted residues on the axe head. You can apply this oil to the wood and other materials since it does not stain most surfaces. Make sure to use the oil right before storing it; it can have more time to dry up nicely without any contact.

Additionally, it resists corrosion, and worrying about any rust growing on your axe head would be the least of your worries with this protective oil. 

Helko has also made the contents of this oil biodegradable; thereby, it is a pretty safe option for ax oil to use as long as it is appropriately applied. Using a rag to clean out the axe heads with this oil is the best approach in that regard.

Why We Like It

  • Resists corrosion; no rust build-up
  • Oil content is 100% odorless
  • Lightweight consistency enables deeper oil penetration.
  • It can be used on both metals and wood

Reason To Avoid

  • It might not work best on blunt axe heads


While the oil might not work best on blunt axe heads, you can always sharpen these ahead. This oil is set to protect and varnish your metal ax heads amazingly as long as you maintain your axe correctly.

5. Best Versatile Kit: Axe Maintenance Kit from Helko Werk Germany

Manufacturer: Helko Werk Germany | Dimensions: ‎12 x 4 x 2 inches | Color: Tan

Axe Maintenance Kit from Helko Werk Germany

Another one from Helko Werk Germany, this is not just oil but instead a whole kit to satisfy all the maintenance needs of your axe; this pick right here is undoubtedly the master of all trades.

The ax maintenance kit comes with various essential tools for taking care of an axe; all the tool parts have been manufactured in the US and Germany.

In addition, the kit comes included with full-grain cowhide leather tools, axe sharpening stones, dual side ax files, blade cleaning block, two types of oil (for ax handle and head), sandpaper, ring wedges, and even a cleaning rag! Helko Werk really outdid themselves with this kit, didn’t they?

It goes without saying that with a kit this rich in tools, you will surely find it super convenient to treat the head and handle of your axe head. In addition, the equipment has everything needed to complete your ax’s complete maintenance.

On one side, you get to sharpen and edge up your ax head, and on the other, you get to clean the wooden handle and lubricate it with the Helko oil. The axe files are a perfect option to sharpen the axe head and get rid of any nicks. 

Why We Like It

  • It comes in a kit with all tools needed for axe maintenance
  • Ax files with unique tooth patterns help to sharpen the ax head
  • Cowhide leather case protects the tools
  • Multi-purpose kit to maintain axe head and handle

Reason To Avoid

  • Not everyone will know how to use each tool effectively


It is pretty self-implied that this kit from Helko Werk Germany is super versatile and will never give you the chance to compromise when treating your axe head and handles.

6. Best for Budget: Axe Care Package from Knife & Axe

Manufacturer: Knife & Axe

Axe Care Package from Knife & Axe

Last but not least, we have a care package from Knife & Axe as our final pick on the list. This three-in-one care package manufactured in Canada might not be rich in quantity but does wonders in terms of quality.

The care kit features wax for axe handle, blade oil for axe head, and sheath cream for complete maintenance. The cream is handcrafted and is used to provide hydration on the rough surfaces of the tools. 

It’s an all nature-based cream that is blended with wax and oils to provide nourishment to the ax head and handles. It works pretty well for leather as well.

Canadian beeswax included in the package penetrates deep into the wooden handles and offers a better grip on the handle after it is dried up. Moreover, the wax and cream work together to prevent any rust or corrosion that might take place on the axe head and handles.

This non-toxic care package is also petroleum-free, with cedar oil extracts that enhance its fragrance. In addition, the kit comes in a circular tin box made of aluminum, making it a portable option for an oil kit.

Why We Like It

  • 100% natural plant-based, petroleum-free ingredients
  • Canadian beeswax offers excellent lubrication and finishing
  • Handcrafted sheath cream provides nourishment to axe
  • The aluminum case keeps the 3-in-1 package protected

Reason To Avoid

  • It might not work best on materials except wood and leather


We loved this care kit from Knife & Axe. It has a good balance of tools required for axe maintenance with petroleum-free oils. Thus, it is a good option to give your axe the care it needs.

What to Look for Before Buying?

These days, most axes and their handles are made with hickory wood that comes with complete finishing. However, weather conditions and regular usage cause them to wear out over time.

Thereby, when you are thinking of getting oil to treat your axe handles and head, there are some factors you need to consider before making the final purchasing decision.

Type of Oil

The market offers many oils that you can pick out to maintain your axe head and handles — for examplewalnut oil, tung oil, linseed oil, and teak oil for axe handles.

However, we believe that linseed oil is the best to use when working on axe head and handle maintenance. It is a carpenter’s favorite oil and is widely used for varnishing wooden objects.

In terms of linseed, there are two types, boiled linseed oil, and raw linseed oil. As you can figure out from the article, using boiled linseed oil is better since it penetrates better and gives off a better coating.

Types of Additives

Every oil has a specific additive that gives the wood a different type of finish. The common additives with their finishing patterns are listed below; consider the kind of finish to decide which suits your taste the best.

  • Turpentine: Quick-drying power and soaks quickly on wood
  • Pine tar: Darker varnishing that focuses more on protecting wood 
  • Beeswax: Offers glossy finishing and closes wood pores

Drying Ability

Some oil finishings dry up within 12-14 hours, whereas some oils take e a day or more to dry up. Thereby, depending on the urgency of maintaining your axe, choose a suitable lubricant. 

Coating Consistency

Different oils offer different types of coating on the wood surface. For example, if you compare coatings of tung oil vs. linseed oil for ax handle, you will see that tung oil has a thinner consistency than linseed oil, so go for the coating that will work best for your specific axe handle.


How often should axes be oiled?

As long as you are regularly taking care of your axes, oiling them up once or a maximum of twice a year is fine.

What type of oils is the best for axe handles?

Linseed oil and tung oil are the best options to consider because of the uniform coat they provide with flawless finishing.

Should I maintain any precautions when applying the oil?

Yes. We all know that oil emits heat; thereby, after using the rags to apply oil, make sure you wash the rags or keep them away from fire.

What oil for axe head is better, linseed or tung oil?

Linseed is the best oil for coating and is comparatively budget-friendlier than tung oil.

How to darken ax handle?

Conventionally, using oil with pine tar additives is supposed to darken the tones of your ax handle.

Final Verdict

With everything explained, we are done with our reviews, and we hope now you can pick your best oil for axe and handle. Be careful when performing the axe maintenance tasks and give the axe head and handles time to dry up if you want the best varnishing results. Happy working!

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