8 Best 6-Inch Jointers In 2023 (Made For Flawless Wood Joints)

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Something we despise about wood while woodworking is uneven surfaces, especially around the edges. To make things easier, we looked for good quality jointers that could produce satisfying results. We mostly work with 6″ workpieces, so we needed the best 6″ jointer.

We have tried out plenty of jointers in our time, but most were disappointments. However, there are some options that we can’t get over to this day. Here, we will discuss some of those amazing jointers we used previously.

You can check out our experiences below and decide on a top-notch jointer for your woodworking needs. There are different types of choices, so you may find yours too.

Best Overall

PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer

Best in Budget

WEN JT630H 10-Amp 6-Inch Spiral Benchtop Jointer

Best for professional workshops

JET JJ-6HHDX, 6-Inch-Long Bed Jointer

What Is A Jointer, And What Does It Do?

A jointer is a woodworking tool that usually flattens the edge of the wooden piece and ensures it goes along with the face of the wooden board. The reason for calling it a jointer is because it makes the wooden pieces capable of joining.

Usually, jointers come with cutterheads that shape the wood and flatten the edges of the wooden pieces. With better-quality cutterheads, you will end up with a better finish on the surfaces. The setup includes two tables, one inward and one outward. In the middle, you get the cutterheads.

While the primary function of a jointer is to flatten the edges of the wooden pieces, they can do some other functions too. Aside from the edges, you can also use the tool to flatten the face of the wood. Along with that, you can do some joinery and bevel with it as well.

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Is A Jointer Different From A Planer?

After knowing about the jointer, many people question whether they are the same as a planner or not. To answer this question, we have prepared a comparison table, so you can easily understand the whole thing.

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Let’s get through it.

Design of the toolCutterheads on the bottom part of the toolCutterheads on the top part of the tool
Usage methodRuns on the top part of a wooden pieceRuns on the bottom and side end of a wooden piece
SpecialtyPerfect for flattening the face of the woodSuitable for flattening the edges
PurposeModify the thickness of a wooden pieceHelps in joining two wooden pieces

As you can see, both tools have their sets of dissimilarities. Still, many people try to interchange them; honestly, it’s doable.

However, we recommend using both tools to get the best possible results for your wooden pieces. We believe they complement each other to bring you the best possible woodworking experience.

8 Best 6-Inch Jointers You Can Get for Woodworking

Now, this is the part you have been waiting for. We tried out plenty of 6-inch jointers, but these eight choices were just a class above the rest.

So, let’s get through the experience we had with each of them and see which fits your needs the best.

Let’s get through the choices right away.

1. PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer – Best Overall

PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer

No matter what we do, it’s impossible to have a list of the best benchtop jointer without an option from Porter-Cable. This 6-inch jointer from them comes with so many excellent features that we had to keep it on top. What features make it worth it?

Let’s find out.

Variable speed for control

This jointer’s variable speed capability is a very handy feature. The jointer can go from 6000 RPM to 11,000 RPM with a dial setting. We could switch between different speeds to suit our woodworking needs.

Easy adjustment and replacement of cutter heads

Another feature we loved on the jointer is its leveling arrangement for the knife. There are two knife cutter heads on this tool. The leveling arrangement made it very easy for us to adjust the knives and replace them when needed.

High-quality build for durability

The fun part about this porter cable jointer is that right from the get, we could tell it has a heavily built quality. It had a smooth finish that we couldn’t take our eyes off when we took it out of the box. Every component is of high quality and seems to last for quite a while.

Enough working space for woodworking

While trying out the machine, we never had any trouble with the working space. It has got a large table that provides excellent support for our woodworking purposes. The tool is enough for fulfilling the need for 6-inch width.

What we liked about the jointer

  • Top-notch build quality and finish
  • Extra large table for good working space
  • Provides good control and versatility
  • Easy assembly and use

Weak points

  • Varying the fence setting may be tricky
  • Calibration takes a bit of time

Altogether, we suggest this jointer to anyone looking for lightweight DIY or hobby woodworking. For the most part, the result is flawless if you know what you are doing. Undoubtedly one of the best 6-inch jointers out there for DIYers.

2. WEN JT630H 10-Amp 6-Inch Spiral Benchtop Jointer – Best in Budget

WEN JT630H 10-Amp 6-Inch Spiral Benchtop Jointer

Here, we have another benchtop jointer for some lightweight woodworking purposes. We kept this one on the list due to its cool features, but the surprising bit about the tool is its price. Check out our experience with probably the best budget benchtop jointers out there.

Spacious table for ample workspace

First, we never expected this benchtop joiner to be this spacious. It has a table built 30 by 6 inches which came out as a surprise to us. We could easily process our workpieces using the tool without any trouble.

Provides fine finishing on the wood

A lot of credit goes to the high-quality cutterheads on this jointer. They use 12 HSS blades with staggers on them. When we started using the tool on our wooden piece, the results satisfied us thoroughly. We didn’t expect such a fine finish on the wood.

Adjustable settings for convenience

We always love to get some convenience of adjustment in our jointer operation. That’s what we got from the WEN JT630H. It provides bevel adjustments that can go up to 45 degrees flawlessly.

Great value for money

One feature that made us curious to try this one out was the tool’s value. It comes at a very affordable price for a jointer, and we must admit we couldn’t be happier. The value for money we got on the tool left us satisfied with this one.

What we liked about the jointer

  • Sharp blades for finer cuts
  • Comes with adjustments settings
  • Very much affordable for a jointer
  • Spacious and effective

Weak points

  • Fence settings are a bit off sometimes
  • Requires good maintenance to keep it running


Trust us; if you are low on money and need a benchtop jointer for 6″ workpieces, this is undoubtedly the best jointer for the money. Almost anyone can afford it, and it’s also easy to use for beginners.

3. JET JJ-6HHDX, 6-Inch-Long Bed Jointer – Best for professional workshops

JET JJ-6HHDX, 6-Inch-Long Bed Jointer

Ending things on a high note with this high-quality cabinet jointer from Jet. Unlike the other one, it has a helical cutter head, which is a bit more expensive than the Jet jointer. There are some other features to look out for as well.

Let’s take a look.

Quite cut with a superior finish

This is where the benefit of a helical cutter head comes in. When using the jointer, we didn’t have any excessive noise whatsoever. And the finishing on the wood we got was more than we expected.

Convenient buttons and controls

We always prefer easy-to-reach controls and buttons. That’s what we got from this jointer. It comes with a push button on the front face of the jointer. We could easily reach the buttons and operate the machine without any trouble.

Long bed space for workspace

The large bed jointer is one of the key features that made it appealing to us. We had a lot of space for working around the wooden workpiece. There was no issue of congested space, and we could use the tool for most of our projects.

Quick and easy corrections

Adjustment settings on the tool were something that we could never get over. Following up on those adjustments was easy, and we didn’t have to spend too much time on them. It helped us save time and effort at the same time.

What we liked about the jointer

  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Spacious for a good workspace
  • Quick adjustments
  • Very effective with the helical cutterhead

Weak points

  • A bit expensive in comparison
  • Can be tricky to set up


Straight up, we have to say this is the best helical jointer you can find in this list. It has the perfect balance of quality, performance, and price. You can expect good results from the jointer without second thoughts.

4. WEN JT3062 10-Amp 6-Inch 2- Blade Benchtop Jointer

WEN JT3062 10-Amp 6-Inch 2- Blade Benchtop Jointer

Didn’t quite hit the mark with the previous option? Well, then, you might want to look at this one. It’s from the same brand and pretty similar, with some differences in the features. Here’s what we experienced with this jointer.

Powerful motor for material removal

We couldn’t ask for anything better, starting with the powerful motor from the benchtop jointer. It has a 10-amp motor that gives the joint power of 22,000 cuts every 60 seconds. We got some serious speed from this jointer.

Easy adjustment to maintain cutting depth

One feature we found unique and handy on this jointer was the depth scale this jointer has got onboard. We could easily adjust the depth of cut we want on our workpieces using the depth scale. It made sure we got the perfect results from the jointer.

Comes with a spacious table

To be very honest, we never expected the jointer to have a spacious table with it. Usually, with benchtop jointers, we try to keep the expectations of space quite low. But this one exceeded all our expectations by a mile. We had a lot of ease working with the tool.

Reasonable pricing

Last but not the least, the pricing is beyond anything we have ever seen. It’s probably the cheapest jointer we have included in this list. But still, it came out worthy of being on the list because of the benefits and value it provided in our experience.

What we liked about the jointer

  • Has a very powerful motor
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Handy with its built-in depth scale
  • Provides good spacing on the table

Weak points

  • Not the best thing for heavy projects
  • Durability can be a question with this tool


If you feel like you want to get started with using a jointer or want to save money, we suggest this one from WEN. It provides good performance with its powerful motor while keeping the price low. A complete experience in our books.

5. Wahuda Tools Jointer – 6-inch Benchtop Wood Jointer

Wahuda Tools Jointer - 6-inch Benchtop Wood Jointer

In our search for a quality jointer, we came across the Wahuda jointer as an excellent choice for a woodwork shop or a small job site. The features we experienced with this jointer were suitable for our needs. Checking out the features may help out a lot.

Great sharpness in the cuts

When we started using the jointer, it stunned us with its amazing sharpness. All that credit goes to the 4-sided inserts it has made out of carbide. It makes the jointer much sharper to use and, at the same time, keeps it quieter.

Steady performance with a fixed-speed motor

It didn’t matter what we were trying to do with the jointer; it was handling everything with steady performance. Whether it was jointing, edging, flattening, or tapering, the machine could do it all with its constant 12000 RPM.

High quality built

Something we loved a lot about this jointer was its built quality. It has a solid build that reassures us of durability from the jointer. It’s a heavy-duty build that can last for quite a long time with its cast iron table.

Features versatile adjustment settings

We have to admit we simply loved the adjustment settings on the jointer. The versatility of the fence adjustments was very handy in our usage. We could take it to 90 and even 135 degrees whenever we wanted. It felt so much handy for some projects.

What we liked about the jointer

  • Heavy-duty built quality
  • Smooth and precise cuts with sharp blades
  • Fixed speed with steady performance
  • Adjustment settings for versatility

Weak points

  • Assembly can be troublesome
  • The motors aren’t that powerful


In our opinion, this is one of those middle-of-the-pack options. We don’t recommend this to beginners because the assembly takes a bit of expertise. But the overall performance of this 6-inch jointer is satisfying for sure.

6. JET JJ-6CSDX, 6-Inch Woodworking Jointer

JET JJ-6CSDX, 6-Inch Woodworking Jointer

Moving away from the benchtop jointers, we tried out a cabinet-style jointer. This one is a bit cheaper than the other cabinet-style jointers you see. But when we used the jointer, we didn’t find much difference.

Here’s what you can expect from it –

Features three knives design

The three knives designed on the jointer seemed unique to us right off the bat. Usually, we get to see a spiral design on these cabinet jointers. However, the three-knife design made it a pretty handy tool and made this jointer cost-effective.

Convenient controls and setup

Simply put, we love to get the controls of a machine as close as possible, and that’s what we got on this jointer. All the controls and buttons of the machine are right on the face of the machine, so we could easily use the jointer without any issues.

Easy to adjust using handwheels

Adjusting the tool felt like a breeze, thanks to the handwheels they included. We could adjust the machine to our liking with great accuracy using the handwheels. The room for error here is quite low, so even beginners won’t have trouble with it.

Quick and easy knife replacement

We can’t stress enough the ease and quickness we had while replacing the knives on the jointer. Even though it has three knives, we could replace them within a short period without too much hassle.

What we liked about the jointer

  • Quick change feature for knives
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Fits within a smaller space
  • Costs are lower than other cabinet jointers

Weak points


We don’t think this is the top choice for a cabinet jointer. It has got some lacking, but the features are there to get your job done. But if you are looking to save some bucks while getting the same features of a cabinet jointer, this is it.

7. Powermatic 54HH, 6-Inch Jointer with Helical Cutterhead

Powermatic 54HH, 6-Inch Jointer with Helical Cutterhead

Here we have the most expensive jointer on our list. It’s a cabinet-style jointer with a helical head. The jointer has the quality that can provide professional-level results with its feature. We tried it out, and below is our experience of using the jointer.

Accurate adjustment settings

Starting with the flawless adjustment settings on the Powermatic jointer. We tried many different adjustment settings, all of which felt very accurate. In every setting, we got the results we were looking for every time.

Ensure safety with the power switch

Regarding the safety of using the jointer, we don’t think there is a better pick than this one. It has a power switch that can prevent the jointer from getting sudden power-ups.

Great power with excellent stability

While the jointer had great power, it was also stable with a strong base. The cabinet is all steel, so we got to experience a solid build. With the 115/230-volt motor, we got the power we require from a professional jointer tool.

Effective helical cutter head

Our main focus with this jointer was always the helical cutter head. And let’s just say the cutter head didn’t disappoint. We got the perfect sharpness in the blades, along with smooth cuts. Also, while cutting, we didn’t have that much noise from the tool.

What we liked about the jointer

  • Comes with helical cutterhead
  • Features great adjustment settings
  • Very strong base with stability
  • Excellent safety features

Weak points

  • Requires a powerful dust collector
  • Can be a bit expensive for some


We would recommend this one to people striving for a professional setup. It’s a high-quality build that’s sure to last long. And the helical cutter head just provides the results you would need for professional woodworking needs.

8. Shop Fox W1876 6″ Benchtop Jointer with Spiral-Style Cutterhead

Shop Fox W1876 6

Among many benchtop jointers from our users, we found this one to be very effective for our casual needs. We used the jointer, and the features were enticing, so we couldn’t resist including this one in the list.

Let’s get through the features –

Strong and durable built

Usually, we don’t get to see the durability factor in many of the benchtop jointers. But this one has a very heavy-duty construction that can last for a long time. It has a pretty sturdy body to withstand rough conditions, and we also tested that out.

12 inserts spiral head design

We also loved the spiral design of the jointer that comes with 12 inserts. The best part is that we could replace all 12 inserts if needed. Combining the design with the 12,000 RPM speed of the jointer, we got some amazing cutting results.

Large table size for workspace

Since our purpose was DIY projects for the jointer, we were more than happy with the table size. It felt so large and spacious that we couldn’t complain about it even if we wanted to. Also, the stability of the table was commendable.

Value for money

After experiencing the kind of features, we did, there was no doubt in our mind that it was a value-for-money pick. Considering the price of the jointer, it performs beyond anything we expected for this pricing. The features are well worth the money.

What we liked about the jointer

  • Durable build quality
  • Effective head design
  • Spacious table for convenience
  • Provides enough power for DIY projects

Weak points

  • Unclear instruction manual for assembly
  • Not the best for professional projects


Anyone looking for a jointer to complete the hobby or DIY projects will love this one. It’s not too expensive and, at the same time, serves the purpose of DIY projects without any flaws at all.

What Are the Things to Consider While Buying a 6-Inch Jointer

Are you still struggling to choose a jointer? We know it’s never easy to pick one choice from many great choices. That’s why we are here to help you with this buying guide for a 6-inch jointer. Check this one out to find which jointer fits your requirements the best.

Type of jointers

The first thing you have to decide is the type of jointer you want to get for your woodworking. Deciding on this one depends on your needs mostly. Typically, there are two choices, and you can either get a benchtop jointer or a cabinet jointer.

For DIYers or hobbyists, benchtop jointers are the best pick. They are portable and small, so they fit in almost any space. You can also join these jointers on your job site and take them along with you.

As for the cabinet-style jointer, it’s more suitable for a shop or a permanent workshop. They are quite heavy, and you can’t move them around. Also, they feature more power, so they are suitable for heavier jobs compared to benchtop jointers.


Most cutterheads for benchtop jointers are straight blade options or spiral blade options. Spiral blade options are better and provide a smoother finish on the wooden pieces.

But if you choose a cabinet-style jointer, you will get options for straight blades vs. helical cutter heads. We recommend going with helical ones because they are much more effective with their sharpness and quietness.


Always strive to get a more powerful jointer than a less powerful one. A more powerful jointer will always be a great option as they provide a smoother finish. Also, they are great in terms of getting the job done within a short period. Usually, with 6-inch jointers, you get a 1-horsepower motor.

Space of the table/bed

It’s always better to go with a larger bed or table. You will have a lot of space to work with and work around the wooden pieces. A smaller area just makes things much more difficult for you to move around the wooden piece.

Adjustments features

One of the key things about any jointer is the adjustment feature. You must consider what kind of adjustment features you are getting and how they affect the purpose. For the most part, go with adjustments that are easy to do and quick to implement.


Still, confused a bit? We tried to give you everything we had in detail, but don’t worry, and we aren’t just leaving yet. Here, we will answer some common questions to help you understand the jointers better.

What are the top brands for a 6-inch jointer?

While there are plenty of brands out there that provide jointers, some of them are just on a different level. Some are porter cable, WEN, Jet, craftsman, Delta, etc. These are some popular choices to check out for good-quality jointers.

What is a 6-inch jointer used for?

You can use a 6-inch jointer to join a 12-inch piece of wood. The general rule is that you can use a jointer to join double the length of the wooden pieces. So, a 6-inch jointer can join a 12-inch size of wood.

What should I look for in a jointer?

Whenever you get a jointer, there are several features to look into aside from the type of jointer. You must consider the power, adjustability, fences, speed, guards, blade types, and price. Try emphasizing adjustability, speed, and blade type based on needs.

Is a planner better than a jointer?

In reality, neither is better than the other, and it’s just about your needs. For wooden thickness, it’s better to use a planer. On the other hand, a jointer works perfectly for flattening the edges of the wooden piece.


We are almost at the end of the discussion. By now, you know what to expect in the best 6″ jointer. The choices we shared should be enough to end up with a quality pick, and we tried to keep it diverse, so you can meet your needs.

Still, if you want our suggestion on the top choice, we recommend the PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer. It’s the perfect pick for quality performance, reasonable pricing, and versatility with variable speed.

Other than that, if you search for any particular choice, you can still find the perfect pick from the choices we gave. Hope this helps your search for a satisfying jointer for woodworking.

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